Adoption Glossary

Some legalese in the adoption world is thrown around like common language and leaves others dumbfounded.

Here are some often-used terms regarding adoption in today’s world:

Adoption Glossary:

APs – Adoptive Parents

BP – birth parent

FOB/birth father – biological father of baby

Birth mom – biological mom

HP – house parent

Legal – Legal Department

Waiver – relinquishment of parental rights

Subpoena – order to relinquish parental rights

Resident – new client at maternity home

Caseworker – assistant to a resident who serves as her guide through the process

Transitional Care – where some babies live while legal is completed or so birth mom can have nursery visits with them until Placement Day

Placement Day – the day baby goes home with his/her new parents

Finalization – when the adoption is made totally legal

Waiting period – in Texas a time of 3 days for a birth mom to change her mind about placing her baby for adoption before signing papers relinquishing her rights.

Dorm – where residents live in the maternity home

Clinic – where residents go weekly to be examined by the center’s doctor

Outings – activities off campus that residents participate in

Dorm meeting – a weekly meeting held for residents with house parents to discuss issues and upcoming events.

Loving Decision Group – weekly support group for residents to deal with grief and loss issues.

Curfew – when residents have to be in the dorm if living in a residential adoption center

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