Adult Ballet & Dance Classes on Long Island, NY

Dancing is an excellent form of recreation and exercise. Dancing on a regular basis can help keep your body fit and your muscles strong, as well as provide a great cardiovascular workout.

But there are likely many of you who either do not wish to pay a high monthly fee to join a gym simply for the dance workout classes, and local clubs may not cater to the type of music you enjoy. To get a comprehensive, enjoyable workout, in addition to learning a number of dance routines and steps, then the best option is to find dance classes in your area.

Nearly every town across Long Island has one or two schools teaching various forms of dance, from ballet to ballroom, to disco and traditional. But whether your passion is for stylistic ballroom dancing, or if you want to embrace the graceful movements of ballet, or if you prefer to kick your feet along to some Irish Stepdancing music, it can sometimes be difficult to find dance classes that are not exclusively for children.

The Dance Loft, in Long Beach, NY teaches teens and adults, with a broad spectrum of dance classes available, including ballet, tap, hip hop, and jazz, as well as private lessons in ballroom dancing.

Doing business for over 20 years, The Dance Loft features a highly experienced, professional faculty, skilled with teaching children, teens, and adults alike. The tuition for The Dance Loft varies according to the number of classes per week students would like to take, and is based on a 10 month program of classes.

The Kalima School of Dance is located in Oakdale, NY, and currently teaches adult jazz and tap dance classes. Priding themselves on offering the best training while ensuring that students have fun, the director at the Kalima School of Dance is dedicated to her crafts of teaching and dancing.

The Ballet Center in Ronkonkoma, NY, teaches adult ballet classes, regardless of whether or not students have ever had previous training. Other focuses include jazz and tap, and all classes are designed to give students the necessary skills to to learn and enjoy various dancing techniques. Boasting that they have trained more professional dancers and teachers than any other dance school on Long Island, The Ballet Center is also quite proud of its facilities and dance rooms.

The Long Island Traditional Music Association teaches English Country Dance in various locations across Long Island, mainly in Smithtown. With a focus on traditional dance, the local dances are fun, friendly, and inexpensive. Teaching for seven years, the classes taught by LITMA are a unique experience. Be sure to visit for more information.

The Long Island Dance Connection teaches adult classes in a variety of styles; swing, salsa and latin, and ballroom dancing included. Currently teaching salsa and latin dancing at Club 56 in Farmingdale, NY, you’ll learn the hot and exciting style of latin dancing under professional instructors, followed by contemporary dance and a smattering of other styles.

The rather inexpensive cost per lesson also includes a hot & cold buffet dinner at Club 56, and hours of delightful enjoyment. Visit for more information.

Of course, this is only a small selection of dance schools and classes available for adults on Long Island, but they represent some of the best and most diverse offerings.

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