Advantages of Having a Refrigerator or Freezer in Your Garage

Besides the extra storage space for foods that need to be kept cold or frozen, keeping a refrigerator or freezer in your garage makes sense for many other reasons. When you or your wife comes home from grocery shopping, it’s a simple matter to put the perishable items directly into the refrigerator or freezer. Even if they will eventually make their way to the main fridge this can be accomplished at a later, and more convenient time. Not to mention keeping the main fridge from becoming too cluttered or full.

Cookouts and barbecues entail lots of ice and meats that will be closer at hand with less risk of wet kitchen floors or unnecessary traffic. This will also be true for poolside refreshments or garden parties. Keeping hot dogs, hamburgers, ice, and ice cream nearby will be appreciated many times if you have small children with the inevitable birthday party’s in their future. Just the mess factor figured in this equation will be well worth the price of the fridge and it’s energy costs.

Hunters and fishermen will love the advantage of being able to have somewhere to store their game or catch. Their wives and children may appreciate it more than they do. Having to explain why you shot that cute deer to either your spouse or offspring can take a little pride away from your sporting accomplishments. Besides, where else could you store that eight point before mounting? This also comes in handy if you have friends or acquaintances who are animal rights advocates such as PETA members. Having a fridge or freezer in the garage will allow you to rest easy in case they snoop around in the kitchen. Not saying they all do this, but some are over zealous in their advocacy. Sorry PETA.

Gardeners will love the easily accessible cold storage for vegetable, plants, and flowers if your garden is for beauty instead of nourishment. Once again storage for items not prepackaged is a plus for convenience of use. If you choose a refrigerator, I would suggest replacing the small ice maker tray with a larger one so that more ice can be produced and held. By bagging up the excess you will have plenty for party and cook out occasions. Being able to fill your ice chest for picnics or sporting events will save time and money.

If you live where the temperatures are moderate any fridge or freezer will work fine in your garage, usually with very little trouble. For places where it stays below freezing for a long period of time special models are made to cope with these conditions. Several companies sell models on line if you are interested or concerned with this application.

All things considered, having a refrigerator or freezer in your garage is something you will wonder how you ever managed without. Me, I like the ability to drive my lawn mower right up to the garage and pull out a cold beverage on those sweltering hot days. They are great for sodas, but I keep beer in mine.

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