Advantages of Recycling Plastic Bottles

In our daily life, apart from other plastics we use, plastic bottles have a big role. Because of their light weight and non-breakable nature, these are preferred by many people, almost all people. These are not easily breakable like glass bottles. This is used by all as a common product. Even though many people does not know the advantages of recycling, it is a fact that plastic is recyclable!

Do you know what the advantages of recycling a plastic bottle are? It is being recycled in five areas and will benefit you a lot. The five areas where this is used are oil, energy, for reuse, Landfill space, and greenhouse gas emissions.

What is its use in Oil Conservation?: bout four barrels of oil is saved by recycling plastic bottles. All of us are being affected by the increase in the oil prices in our daily life. This rice in oil price in turn increases the prices of food products, gas, and other daily used products. Even then, people do not understand the seriousness to recycle plastic bottle.

Emissions of Greenhouse gas are reduced.

It is a simple process to recycle things. This needs only a less energy for manufacturing new products and also pollution free products. There will be a great decrease in greenhouse gases.

Energy conservation: As said previously, recycling consumes only less energy. Only 2/3rd of our energy will be used to manufacture from recycled products. The process is very easy. In his case of plastic bottles, which is used for water and soft drinks, it is made up of a material called polyethylene Terephthalate (PTH), one pound of recycled PET can save as much as twelve-thousand BTU’s energy.

The Benefits of recycling: As we think, when we recycle a plastic bottle, it is not transformed into another bottle. On the other hand, it changes completely a different shape after recycling. So recycling material is used as a resource and not the same material. It can be a bucket or a jacket or a carpet anything which you can imagine. You need to understand this and know that recycled materials are used as resource. The plastic cool drinks bottle what you see now may not be the same what it was before recycling.

Save our Landfills: ow much space does one plastic bottle occupy? Can you imagine! In the US if everyone think this way; just imagine how many plastic bottles there would be. Landfills running out of space are the biggest problem we are facing today. The need of space and to reduce throwing thrash on earth is a never ending process. The only solution is to reduce drastically what we put into them. You should know that with one ton of plastic bottles, you can free up to 7.4 cubic yards of space. If we calculate the amount of recycling avenues today we have, this turns out to be a lot of space that is being used unnecessarily. Hope you would have understood the various benefits of recycling plastic bottles.

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