Adventures of the Dioscuri

The Trojan War was the start of many great adventures; The Journey of Odysseus is one of the most famous. As he readied his ship to head back home, he didn’t notice two people, Castor and Pollux, stowed away, hidden behind the many spoils of war stolen from the ruins of Troy.
Like Odysseus, Castor and Pollux were planning to sail back to Ithaca. They had heard of treasure buried near the islands and were planning to travel there to become rich. The ship cast off and immediately was thrown off course. Finally, the ship came to land. Knowing from the shouts of the men that this was not Ithaca, they remained hidden, in fear that they might be left on this island as punishment for stowing away. After awhile they heard the shouts of the panicked crew rushing to the ship. As the ship cast off, angry screams could be heard and Odysseus was shouting back. A huge wave was felt rocking the ship, but nonetheless they escaped.
Next they landed at a small island, by that time Castor and Pollux were tired of being crouched in hiding and slowly climbed off the ship into the water. They swam around the island until they couldn’t see the crew then climbed back on land. As soon as they were on land they saw the ship leave, all they could see was Odysseus with a large bag. After they explored a little they soon found the wind was going in all directions with no sense or pattern. This odd occurrence was soon explained when they came across Aeolus, god of the winds.
“What now, first was that guy wanting to get home, and now you, what do you want?” asked Aeolus.
“We want treasure, TREASUREEEE! Hahahaha, sweet, sweet Gold” yelled Castor.
“Sorry for my brother, we’ve been cramped up for a very long time,” Pollux apologized.
“Ommm, well I cant help you with treasure, but Hades gets all the richness in the earth, and I could tell you how to get there,” Aeolus responded, “All you need to do is sacrifice a lamb by that pillar right over there.”
Castor and Pollux looked satisfied, but soon asked, “How are we going to get a lamb out here? Unless youâÂ?¦”
Aeolus laughed and answered, “Of course I have a lamb you may sacrifice, I would just like a share of any treasure you receive.”
“Fair enough,” responds Castor, “But why does a god need us to get him money?”
“Look, being a god comes with a good health plan but the money is bad, so some extra gold doesn’t hurt.” snapped Aeolus.
“I see, we’ll be back after awhile.”
They sacrificed the lamb and headed to the land of the dead to see if they could get some money from the dead man himself, Hades. First of all they had to cross the river Styx by getting permission from Charon.
“My god, more live people wanting to go to the underworld, and look who it is, The Dioscuri. Well, why should I take you across, what’s in it for me?” “Look, boatman, take us across or suffer the wrath of Zeus!” Threatened Pollux.
“You think your little threats scare me, you may not have noticed but I’m already D-E-A-D, but I don’t feel like ticking off the big man, so I’ll take you across; but next time you better have a silver coin.”
After going across the river they went deeper into the underworld, looking for Hades, though in away hoping not to find him.
They explored the underworld witnessing the horrifying ordeals that occurred there. (I would go more into detail, but it could haunt and scar you for eternity.) They passed Cerberus with no problems; he was preoccupied with a balloon. (How a balloon got in the underworld is explained in another tale of Adventures of the Dioscuri.)
“Hey, Castor, check it out, that balloon ended up here, weird huh.”
Finally, they found Hades, now how to approach him so that he wouldn’t catch them on fire, death wasn’t a problem but fire hurts, even if you are immortal, well Castor thought he was.
“Who dares disturbs me!” Roared Hades.
“All mighty lord of the dead we come in search of gold, so can we have some,” pleaded Castor. “Or we can do something for you for the money.” “You mean you dared the horrors of this cursed place for nothing more than money!”
“Pretty much, we have a lot a time on our hands.” “It’s this kind of worthless task I admire, here is a some gold now go be on your way,” Hades laughed. They traveled back and paid Aeolus his share, and he kindly flew them back to main land. And they went on to have more adventures, only now they had a large amount of money to spend, and life was good

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