Affordable Paper Shredders to Protect Against Identity Theft

One of the most important implements we can utilize to protect ourselves and our families from the increasing threat of identity theft is a simple paper shredder. Setting aside just a minimum of time each week or even once a month to completely shred documents you no longer need but are wary of simply tossing into the trash is a small price to pay for a large dose of comfort and identity security.

Any major office supply store such as OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples, and many others carry many brands of paper shredders, ranging in price from less than $20 to upwards of a few hundred dollars. For home use, a paper shredder in the average price range of $30-$50 is perfectly adequate.

Falling within that range is the Royal HT500X Paper Shredder. To help boost productivity and increase efficiency, the Royal HT500X Paper Shredder allows you to feed five sheets at a time through its 9″ slot. Reducing those sensitive documents to bits of confetti, the Royal HT500X Paper Shredder can also cut and shred credit cards, and is not hindered by staples or paper clips. Included with the Royal HT500X Paper Shredder is a mesh wastebasket which fits snugly under the paper shredder to easily catch all debris.

Another popular choice is the Royal 85X Paper Shredder. This powerful paper shredder can shred up to 10 pages at a time as well as credit cards, also reducing everything to unreadable confetti. An automatic shutoff alerts you of a paper jam or other problems with the Royal 85X Paper Shredder, which can be easily remedied. Rather than a wastebasket, all shreds are collected in an enclosed compartment which can be pulled out from the unit when it is ready to be emptied. The Royal 85X Paper Shredder also features easy mobility with the addition of rolling casters.

In the technological age of computers and their increased utilization in identity theft, papers aren’t the only documents that need shredding. Computer DVDs and CDs also contain information that you may not want to fall into the wrong hands. The Alera Technologies DVD/CD Shredder easily dispatches CDs and DVDs in seconds, rendering the data completely unreadable. The Alera Technologies DVD/CD Shredder will also destroy 3.5″ and 5.25″ floppies. The Alera Technologies DVD/CD Shredder is an ideal and necessary component for any home or business that keeps personal information on such media. It should be noted that the discs are not actually shredded, but an impression of ridges is applied to the data side of the DVDs and CDs so that the disc remains unreadable.

Moving into a slightly higher price bracket of $50-$100, we arrive at the Fellowes P-55C Paper Shredder. This paper shredder can accommodate eight sheets of paper at a time, but is geared toward those who only have a moderate amount of shredding to do. For the average home, this is perfectly adequate. Featuring a safety lock and paper jam prevention gauges, the Fellowes P-55C Paper Shredder sits neatly atop a five-gallon wastebasket which has a slight opening in front so that you can see the shedder at work and determine if the basket is full.

Also from Fellowes, the fashionable and functional DS-1 Fashion Shredder touts the same abilities as most other shredders: easily reducing sheets of paper, paper clips, staples and credit cards to confetti, and paper jam prevention. But it also possesses Safe Sense Technology, which automatically turns off the shredder when the paper entry area is touched, saving small fingers or any other items that accidentally come too close. The 4.5 gallon wastebasket also comes complete with easy footstep for easier removal.

Easy to use and an important step for protecting against identity theft, a paper shredder is an essential item for any home or office.

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