Afghanistan Drug Trade and Our Country

After the 5 year anniversary of the terrible tragedy that was September 11th, I could not avoid noticing our President’s high hopes for the war on terrorism. Bush has voluntarily bargained with his own country for more time, and more resources, so that we can effectively end this necessary War on Terrorism. Bush has claimed to do as much as possible to accomplish this goal. Having many U.S. Citizens sacrifice their lives, begging congress for as much money as possible, all while keeping us informed on the incredible progress we’ve made in the Middle East.

It seems like George has done everything possible to help us win this war. Especially when it comes to cutting the funding to the Terrorist groups. Mainly by decreasing their quickly expanding drug trade. Our President is soon going to acquire roughly 800 million dollars to help stop the Opium trade in Afghanistan. This should be a very effective move. We’ve all seen how well our President handles the billions, and billions of dollars he’s been given for this current war.

The best part is, he can spend even more money fighting the drug trade within our own country. With all 520,000 marijuana users arrested this year, Bush can surely use the money from those fines to help with our War bill. This will surely have a bigger impact than legalizing the almost harmless substance. If Bush were to legalize the herb, I’m sure the sick cancer patients, and injured veterans would take full advantage of his generosity. Not only would it be possible to wean people off the deadly Opium based drugs such as Heroin, and the American produced Oxycontin, the country would probably be able to profit off the harmless Marijuana users and the people who grow the plant.

Of course this is an awful idea, nobody would rally behind an idea like that. It would be much more effective to waste American and Middle Eastern lives, and dollars, to abolish Opium altogether. Similar to how our beloved President abolished all terrorists, and especially Osama Bin Laden.

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