African Tours: Safaris, Gorillas and Children

From safaris to rainforest, from oceans to wildlife to visits with African people, African guided tours offer the optimal vacation in terms of diversity. Catering to families with children, single tour groups and even couples on vacation getaways, the African tourism programs are strong and will provide a memorable experience for this once in a lifetime adventure.

In the Kenya Safari, family oriented tours offer children, and adults, the opportunity to feed giraffe, ride camels, play with chimpanzees and meet local village children. Kenya offers a diverse environment with mountain peaks and flatlands. In addition to the Kenya Safari, the Kenya beaches offer an opportunity for snorkeling, swimming and viewing the natural game wildlife roam freely through the area.

In contrast, a tour guided through Uganda will provide families with children an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful rain forests, water falls, rivers, streams and gorilla tracking galore. With fewer than 1,000 gorillas left in the wild, Uganda offers the optimal adventure in gorilla tracking. With the assistance of the tour guide, the opportunity to spend up to an hour with a gorilla is almost a guarantee in this environment. For an added adventure, tours offer guides through the Rwenzori safari leading to snow capped mountain tops. In this area of Africa, one will feel as if they have stepped out of a scene from Lord of the Rings. Children, in particular, will enjoy the natural habitat of Kampala, known as a very laid back environment leading into the Uganda national parks. Giraffe are also frequently sited in this area.

Zanzibar, in contrast to Uganda and Kenya, is the premier location for deep sea diving, snorkeling and beach goers. Considered an exotic area of Africa, families with children will enjoy the rich development in marine life. Known for the sparkling and flowing rivers, this area is rich is aromatic spices and is also a great place to consider honeymoon or romantic vacation spots. Coral reefs proliferate in this area of Africa and the accommodations offer breathtaking scenic views of the ocean. Lodging and meals vary from romantic candlelit dinners to beach barbeque parties.

Without regard to the reason for travel, Africa provides the most diverse and adventurous vacation getaway in the world. From swimming to hiking to game tracking, Africa is a memorable vacation for travelers of any age.

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