Air Conditioning Can Help Improve Some Health Issues

Air conditioning helps improve the quality of indoor air by heating or cooling the air, along with dehumidifying and filtering it.; We typically think of air conditioning as the solution to high room temperatures, and a portable room air conditioning unit is certainly capable of that.; However, if you have certain health issues, a portable air conditioner can help alleviate some of the problems associated with them.

People with asthma or allergies can benefit from using a portable air conditioner in their homes.; Allergies can cause your nose to run, your eyes to itch, your sinuses to become inflamed and your throat to become sore.; Air conditioners that come with filters can help remove the pollen from the air, thereby lessening the problems associated with it.; Pollen can enter the home through open windows, or can be brought in by pets or even on your clothes.; You will feel much better if the pollen is captured in a filtration system before you breathe it in.; They can also capture other particles such as mold spores, dust mites and smoke.; Dehumidifiers can also reduce mold spores in the indoor air in your home, and can help allergy sufferers relieve many unpleasant symptoms.

People over the age of sixty-five need to live in an environment where the temperature is controlled, especially if they live in the Southern United States or other areas where it gets very hot during the summer months.; The elderly are more prone to heat-related stress because they find it difficult to quickly adjust to temperature changes, they often have chronic medical conditions that can affect the body’s temperature adjustment or are on medications that can also hamper body temperature regulation.; If you are over sixty-five, one excellent way to make sure any room you are in is the correct temperature for you is by using a portable air conditioner.; They come with cooling and heating capabilities, as well as dehumidifying abilities to reduce the humidity in the room air, and filtering mechanisms to reduce airborne pollutants, so that you will be comfortable inside no matter what the weather dishes up outside.

Portable room air conditioners come in different sizes, starting at 3,000 BTUs and ranging up to 14,000 BTUs.; The higher the number of BTUs, the more powerful the unit is, and the greater capacity it has to cool a larger area.; If you know the square feet of the room you would like to air condition, then it is an easy thing to select the unit that will best meet your specific needs.; Quiet, efficient, and easy to move, portable air conditioners can help improve your indoor air quality and help you feel better.

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