Air Travel: What Can I Take on the Plane?

Preparing for air travel can be an intimidating experience. There was a time when you could just pack whatever you wanted to bring with you. Things are a lot trickier now. Here is a list of what Items you can take with you and on your flight:

Checked baggage: You pack just about anything you like in your checked baggage for air travel with a few exceptions.
� Fireworks
� Flares
� Grenades
� Aerosol (except for some toiletries in small amounts)
� Gasoline
� Lighter fluid
� Lighters
� Gun powder
� Strike anywhere matches
� Paint thinner
… Or anything that resembles these items.

Carry on baggage: Your biggest challenge for air travel is carry on baggage. What you take on the plane will be severely restricted for the safety of yourself and the general public. You may not take the following items on the plane with you:
� Aerosol spray bottles or cans
� Any kind of cream, lotion, or ointment
� Bubble baths, oils, or moisturizers
� Bug and mosquito repellants
� Hair styling gels and straighteners
� Knives
� Lip gels like Carmex or Blistex
� Liquid lip glosses
� Liquid soaps
� Liquid mascara
� Make up removers
� Nail polish removers
� Saline solution bigger than 4 oz
� Shampoo and Conditioner
� Box cutters
� Razor blades
� Sabers
� Swords
� Bats
� Bows and arrows
� Hockey and Lacrosse sticks
� Pool Cues
� Ski Poles and Spear Guns
� Firearms
� Self defense items
� Gel candles
� Recently beverages, or any food with a creamy or jell consistency as well.

… You can, however take nail clippers, tweezers, 4 inch or smaller scissors, and nail files.

Should you accidentally put an item in your carryon that is not allowed on the plane for your air travel, but allowed to be checked, you can ask to have it, and the bag it is in checked. This happened to me once when I tried to carry on a bag that I had a cake knife in. Security as called and I was informed that I had an illegal item. They pulled out my engraved cake knife. I was visibly upset at the prospect of losing this precious memento, but they offered to check the whole bag for me. I grabbed my wallet out of the bag and was on my way, so always allow lots of time for unexpected problems.

� When preparing to go on the plane you also need to be careful of what items you carry on your person.
� Do not carry any of the items previously mentioned.
� Do not wear shoes with gel inserts.
� Remove any sharp items from your key chains and pockets before leaving home
� It is advisable to wear shoes that will easily slip off and clothing with no metal or belts.
Personally, I wear a simple sweat suit and flip-flops.

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