Alarmed Puzzle

Alarmed puzzle! An “exasperated”, “exaggerated”, self induced”, “saturnine”, “posture”, “coining” a real identity for acceptance in the “midst” of “languishing”, “faithful” fervently praying for their daily bread and survival by compulsion, taking the situation as it comes.

Alarmed puzzle! A “glutonous”, “exacerbating”, personality of anointed graceful disrespect “faking” arrival of success and worthiness possibly recognized by his family members and cohorts. A deflated temporary “alarmed worthiness of nobility”

Alarmed puzzle! Indeed wanting to be counted among the “saints” in the land of milk and honey where stress, disgust, hopelessness, fatigue, lack and want are boldly written in the face of submissive, obedient choiceness faithful.

Alarm! A scintillating, experienced sacriledged “scamp”. A standardized, gangsterised show of a selfish individual. A worrisome tale of woe! A slip-shod short lived stylish scenario.

Alarmed puzzle! How clever are you? Only to walk into the straight arms of the law at “all levels”. Hm! “Gold-fish” has no hiding place! Your lustrous, shiny, bright colour is a complete sell out for your escape route?

Puzzling! An indelible mark with an unbroken, unbearable record of “greed” at all cost. Will this? Can this? Should this? Continue indefinitely. No! No!! No!!! It is definitely waiting for “checkmating” and “firm” control. Disgrace and shame in the waiting!

Alarmed puzzle! To where are you carrying the amassed wealth? You have never thought of the suffering masses put under your care wriggling in pain and poverty. They are also “humane” like you. Reason! Remember your impending shallow “six feet grave”.

Alarm! Tune up! The down of reality is here. Definitely your figment starts from this earth you will be “stripped nakedly” and eternally”. Even the “golden”, “sapphire”, “sandal wood” casket cannot save you. Reason! Think! Change!

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