Aleve – a Medicinal Miracle: Product Review

If you are one of the four percent of Americans who suffer from daily headaches, relief may be closer than you think. It may be as close as your medicine cabinet. Aleve is a pain medication that is used for many ailments, including headaches. The real name of this drug is naproxen, but it’s manufactured as Aleve. It may look like it’s just a small blue pill, but looks can be deceiving. Aleve packs a giant punch when used to alleviate pain.

I suffer from what seems like constant headaches. I’ve tried many other pain medications, all to no avail. One day I bought Aleve because that was the only thing that I hadn’t tried yet. The directions on the package say to take one tablet and I found that odd because most pain medications tell you to take two. Well, I followed the directions and took just one tablet, and in about 30 minutes my raging headache was gone. The directions say to take two tablets if one isn’t effective, however there has only been a few times that I have had to do so.

Aleve isn’t just for headaches, although that’s mostly what I use it for. It also helps with inflammation, menstrual cramps, bursitis, tendonitis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis and many other bothersome aches and pains. I find that whenever I take Aleve I feel great overall and whatever was bothering me seemed like it went away.

It’s very important that you follow the directions on the package. Never take more than the recommended dosage of Aleve, and don’t take it for more than 10 consecutive days. You should use caution while doing potentially hazardous activities, such as driving and operating heavy machinery. This is because people who use Aleve may have some mild side effects, including dizziness and stomach upset. They say that you can use antacids along with Aleve to avoid stomach upset, or if you don’t like antacids you can drink a glass of milk when taking Aleve and that should do the trick. It’s also important that you avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while using Aleve, as this combination may cause stomach bleeding, which is very dangerous. Also, it’s important to talk to your doctor if you keep experiencing chronic headaches (or pain in general) and wish to use Aleve for an extended period of time. Pharmacists have additional information on Aleve if you want to know more, but nothing compares to actually talking to your physician.

Aleve is an excellent pain reliever, and when taken correctly it can make living with chronic aches and pains much more bearable. It works great for me, and I have no side effects when I use it. Aleve is affordable and over the counter, so you can easily purchase it from your local supermarket or drugstore. Remember to follow the directions on the package and to talk with your physician if you experience any adverse reactions other than dizziness or stomach upset.

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