All About Diabetes

Understanding Diabetes And Its Treatment

Diabetes is a chemical disorder that disrupts the ability of the body to make good use of some vital nutrients such as Glucose which is a blood sugar.

Diabetes Mellitus has two type. The type 1 diabetes is that, which cannot be prevented. And the type 2 diabetes is more common. About 90% of all Diabetes is type 2.

Glucose is a very useful fuel for body’s cells. This glucose needs a chemical released by the pancreas Which is called Insulin to be able to enter the body cells.

In the Pancreas Beta cells Insulin is produced, to enable the body controls its blood sugar, but for Diabetic patients they either does not have Insulin produced as the beta cells in the pancreas may have been attacked by the immune systen as in the case of type 1,or that Insulin is actually produced, but in a limited amount lower than requirement.

Without the assistance of Insulin , Glucose cannot leave the blood to body cells and if the Insulin is limited, receptors will be less responsive to Insulin and portals that are needed to absorb glucose from the blood will not be activated. And so glucose will builds up in the bloodstream and this is dangerous because it will thwart vital processes and damage vessel walls.
The symptoms of Diabetes are; unquenchable thirst, frequent urination, limbs feeling heavy, chronic tiredness and blurred vision. This disease is affecting over 200 million. Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease and so, it is sometimes called immune-mediated diabetes.

Diabetes can be triggered by immune reaction to virus attack, toxic chemicals, and drugs. Genetic make up also have a part to play in the causes of diabetes in both types. But type 1 is common to Caucasians and is hereditary. Diabetes can damage vascular system and nerves, which will affect circulation and feelings.

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