All My Children Spoilers

Do you love Erica? Do you want to know what Tad and poor JR are going to do now that Dixie is back? And don’t forget David? When will he being going on his next rampage? Are you looking for sites that has spoilers? Can’t wait until Monday to find out all the juicy details? Turn on that computer and check out these sites. Just don’t tell me all the secrets. I like the suspense.

But those of you who don’t, may want to check out some of the hottest internet spoiler sites for All My Children. What is a spoiler? Just as the name implies, it spoils the story, it tells you the rumors and information about upcoming episodes and running story lines. Maybe not all the information is 100% accurate. Sometimes the writers will leak something that won’t happen and then twist the story in the way we never expect, but most of the time the spoilers are right on target. So if you don’t want to be kept in suspense. Check out these sites and have fun.
My favorite place to get my scoops, when I just have to cheat. They have other things besides spoilers here. They have daily recaps (great for those days the VCR fails), message boards, who’s in and out section and contests.
SoapZone: Spoilers, news, celebrity gossip, episode recaps, message boards, chat
rooms, fan fiction, weekly games, polls
spoilers and recaps.
This is a yahoo site. It has daily recaps, spoilers, news, gossips, photo gallery, message boards, related groups, etc. Not a bad group. Gossip is a bit dated, though.
This is supposed to be a weekly spoiler guide for all the ABC soaps: All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. But they seem to behind on their listings.
This is a restricted site where you first have to register and become a member. Once you are a member you are then able to discuss All My Children with other members, share spoilers you have read and heard and other thoughts on the shows.
This is more of a message board place where all of you AMC fans can discuss
things. Sometimes discussing what you think will happen is even better than
finding out what the writers have in store for your favorite characters.
This is a reference guide on all the character as well as a place where you can
read spoilers.
Just as the name says it considers itself a mega site full of scoops and spoilers.
The official ABC website for All My Children. This is a wonderful site. Here you can read recaps of the day and weekly episodes. You can also read both character bios and the bios of the real life actors. You also get message boards where you can talk to other All My Children fans. The official All My Children store is located here with tons of cool stuff to buy, as well as downloads. And yes, there is some spoilers.

Of course, this is not a complete list of fan sites, message boards or spoilers out there on All My Children. All My Children has a rich fan base. (the show after all has been around since 1970) They have invaded the net, just like everyone else has. If you want to learn more about All My Children, the information is out there. Just keep the spoilers to yourself, I like the suspense.

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