All Natural Homemade Ice Cream Recipe for Your Champion 2000 Juicer

In a previous article I wrote about Juicing appliances and determined the infamous Champion 2000 Juicer by Plastaket Manufacturing Co. to be the most desirable. If you wish to learn about the various aspects of juicing with the Champion 2000 Juicer, from tips and tricks to avoid mishaps to basic product information, see the article entitled “Everything You Wanted to Know About the Famous Champion Juicer: Tips, Tricks and Product Review of a Popular Juicing Kitchen Appliance” in my resource list. I speak quite avidly about the benefits of the Champion 2000 Juicer for all your nutritional juicing needs. However, the 51 year old Champion Product, despite the informational insert that describes the ins and outs of the product, is a bit misleading in its title, causing a large percentage of Champion 2000 Juicer owners to miss out on what I consider to be a big hidden secret benefit of the Champion. For the Plastaket Champion 2000 “Juicer” has a whole other function besides simply pressing the liquid vitamins out of your favorite fruits and vegetables in order to create a tasty healthy beverage; the juicer also has the capabilities of homogenizing food products. And below I will give you step by step directions on how to homogenize together my all time favorite Champion 2000 Juicer specific product, with a couple all natural, Homemade Ice Cream recipes.

Homogenization is the process of emulsifying the fat content in a particular food product or substance so as to make the particles uniform in their consistency. The homogenizer portion of the Plastaket Champion 2000 Juicer consists of a flat panel that is inserted over the body of the main “processing” area, in place of the metal screen-like filter that would normally be used to sift the juice through. Whereas the juicing process separates the root juices from the pulp of the fruit or vegetable, the homogenizer compresses them all together as one. Therefore, that screen area must be closed off to allow for the juices to remain inside the machine where they will moisten the thicker, pulpy parts of the food products, enabling them to do their homogenizing work effectively.

Once you’ve cleaned your Champion 2000 Juicer and set it up appropriately to homogenize, you can begin preparing what just might be you and your family’s latest greatest new healthy dessert, with an all natural Champion 2000 Juicer Homemade Ice Cream recipe. There are many different ways you can experiment with the ice cream formulas as far as flavor is concerned, but to start you off, I will just give you a couple of the most popular recipes I’ve come across. All of these homemade ice cream recipes are made from purely nutritional ingredients, absolutely nothing artificial needs to be added and you can always add some kind of syrup or sweetener to the All Natural Homemade Ice Cream recipe when you are done running it through the Champion, for added taste, for admittedly, even though I love it no other way, the Homemade Ice Cream recipe, with some flavor mixtures, can get a bit bland.

So how to make your All Natural Homemade Ice Cream recipe with the Champion 2000 Juicer:

The first way is with bananas as the main ingredient. The bananas will provide you your thick ice cream-like consistency. So to begin with, prepare ahead of time for this ice cream making occasion by storing copious amounts of unpeeled bananas in your icebox until the fruit becomes entirely frozen and mostly hardened to the touch. Since you will need a lot of bananas, at least 5-6 for every two cups of ice cream served approximately, it is often helpful to either use under ripe or overripe ones because since they will be eaten frozen, nuances in the flavor won’t really matter so much. So gather some up at your local market and put them in the freezer. Then, along side of the bananas, you are to freeze your choice of fruit. This fruit will be the main flavor to add to your banana-ice cream style base consistency so pick one you really enjoy and will not get too sick of, as some of these fruits can get overly sweet after a few bites. Raspberries are a very tasty option for the Homemade Ice Cream recipe, but are indeed one of those flavors that can be too sweet for some people, so perhaps you might want to start out with a more milder fruit such as strawberries or peach. Mango is also a delicious option. Freeze an entire store bought sized bag (even if they are fresh, judge the size by what you might ordinarily be able to fit in a store bought freezer packed bag of frozen fruit) of the fruit choice you selected as well. Note that the bananas will take most likely longer than this fruit choice so be sure to get those in there as soon as you begin thinking about undertaking this ice cream project.

Once your fruits are properly frozen, you will turn on your Champion 2000 Juicer (as a homogenizer) and proceed to homogenize the ingredients together according to the Homemade Ice Cream recipe. Now there is no real way for me to accurately explain exactly how much of each fruit to put in, how often, and in what order, so you will have to kind of play it by ear. It tends to differ every time depending on the amount of water in the particular fruit selected and the extent to which it is frozen. But essentially what you will be doing is feeding the bananas and the fruit selection through the narrow chute that you ordinarily would use to juice, say a carrot, or apple slices. You are going to want to switch off between fruit and banana and fruit and banana, every so often, but it is safe to say that half of a medium sized banana should be the first thing you send down the chute. This way, you can begin softening the basis of your ice cream treat, as the banana might take longer to compress than the less pulpy fruit. And a handful of say, raspberries or strawberries for instance would be a good starting point.

So again, you will shove a half of a medium sized frozen banana down the chute, being careful to press it down firmly with the appropriate brown Plastaket Champion Juicer part so that it doesn’t pop up and hit you in the eye or go flying. Almost immediately after the banana starts to homogenize down the chute (this is obvious, as the banana will grow smaller and the thickened compressed yellowish fruit will begin to come slowly out of the Champion’s mouth) add the handful of fruit. Then more banana, then more fruit. Once again, it will take some practice to get the hang of this and to figure out how much and how often to put what fruit type, but if it helps just remember that the banana, being your major ingredient, will have to carry the weight and form of the entire Natural Homemade Ice Cream dessert recipe, so you are naturally going to want to use many more bananas than you do selected fruit flavor.

You will know you have found a perfect consistency when the mouth of the Champion 2000 Juicer starts very slowly shooting out a very phallic like (for lack of a better word, sorry) shape of compressed bananas and selected fruits. The two colors (banana color and red, or whatever) should be swirly and fairly evenly dispersed. You can also use peanut butter in place of the selected fruit for a more hearty, neutral, but note, extremely filling treat.

Using the bananas is one way to make your All Natural Homemade Ice Cream recipe with the Champion 2000 Juicer. Another way is to perform essentially the same homogenization process, but instead of using fruit, try using frozen baked yams. This idea was adopted from a testimonial on the Plastaket Champion 2000 Juicer website. Be sure before you freeze them that you cut the yams into slices that are can be fielded through the juicer chute alright. You can either homogenize this for a more plain type of ice cream, or you can add in some vanilla or nutmeg powder for taste. Or, even still, add in some of the ingredients from the aforementioned homemade ice cream recipes, say, bananas or slices of your selected fruit.

It is all up to what you want to do with your All Natural Homemade Ice Cream recipe. But the Champion 2000 Juicer allows for endless opportunities and these ice cream desserts just mentioned have been a hit for people of all different taste preferences who have tried it. Practice now and have an all natural Homemade Ice Cream recipe party with your friends. These recipes are also great ways to “fool” the kids into a healthy dessert. Enjoy!

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