All Time Favorite Action Movies

We all love action movies, right? Well I certainly do, so I thought I’d share with you, My ‘All Time Favorite Action Movies’.
So here we go;

Now when I think of action, the first thing that comes to my mind is definitely “The Terminator”, it has got to be one of the Greatest; I mean Greatest, Action movies I have ever seen. You’ve got cyborgs, and of course Arnold in leather, shades, and a pretty sweet Harley. You can’t beat that now can you?

Now you’ve got to pay at least a little bit of attention throughout these series of movies, because in the first one, Arnold is the bad guy, trying to kill the pregnant ‘Sarah Connor’ and in the second one, Arnold is the good guy trying to protects ‘John Connor’. The third one only gets a slight bit more complicated, when Arnold again, is the good guy, and there is a new villain in their midst.

So with great story plots, awesome lines, and an excellent choice of cast members, “The Terminator” series is my all time favorite action movies.

But “Predator” comes awfully close, with Arnold again, only this time he’s in the army, with his ‘barely-there’ t-shirt, and muscles bulging out everywhere, fighting to save the earth from aliens, pretty smart aliens too, so smart they are called “The Predators” now that is pretty awesome.
With their great booby traps, and snares he has one heck of a battle against the predator.

Another great alien flick is “Alien” how ironic. With Jodie foster battling the slimy beasts, and oh yeah, she shaves her head, pretty hot.
So I’ve only seen the movie once, and not all of it, I still thought it was amazing, the aliens look so awesome, the special effects are out of this world 😉 and, well, its just a really great movie.

Ok so you’ve got the predator, and the alien, why don’t they have a movie with them both together? Oh yeah! They do! “Alien vs. Predator” such a good movie, a bit cheesy but none the less, a good movie.

So in this movie, humans were used to breed aliens for the Predators to hunt. Creepy, but I guess humans made more of a challenge then the aliens, you have to see the ending of this movie. You’ll see why I believe it to be a bit cheesy.

Alright, another really great movie is “Rambo” now there is no way I could write this whole article and not mention Rambo, He is an awesomely skilled fighting machine.

Not to mention really hot.

Young and old alike, love to watch, or talk about Rambo, I mean how could you not? They are classics.
There is just something about a one-manned army that just touches me, it brings light to my once darkened mind, well ok, maybe not, but still, the Rambo trilogy are still great action movies.

Now what about “Water world”? It has got great action, and so much adventure, what more do you need? It has a great cast, including Jack Black, ok he is only in it for a few minutes, but still it is funny to see him in an action movie.
And a man with gills is pretty sweet; wouldn’t it be great to be able to breathe under water? The things you could see, and do. It would be great.

Another super classic action movie, “King Kong” sure the old ones are good, but the new version is amazing. Jack Black also has a leading roll in this classic action movie.

With it’s bigger than life Leading man, well primate, and the movie hit records in the theater. And well can’t you see why, surreal scenery and amazing special effects, you could almost swear that you were there in the movie itself as you are watching this enormously successful movie.

A great action/comedy is “Starship Troopers”, now if you don’t like movies with enormous people eating bugs getting blown up and killed by humans, well then this movie isn’t really for you, but if you do enjoy seeing people smash, shoot, and kill sickly gigantic insects then you have to see this movie.

I can’t say much for the cast, but the cast really doesn’t matter, just the killing and mutilating of the grotesque creatures, it’s pretty cool.

A couple more buggy films are, “Pitch Black” and “The Chronicles of Riddick”.

Again they both have unreal and totally amazing special effects and they’re settings are outrageous.
Vin Diesel is amazing as the man that can see in the night, he battles everything from bugs, to men in these crazy action packed movies.

If Vampires are more to your liking, then the “Blade” trilogy is definitely the movies for you. With super cool stunts and great casts, there is so much to enjoy in these action filled, blood sucking films. The ‘Reapers’ in Blade 2 are so ridiculously awesome, Their whole jaws open so that they can feed, you really should see these movies if you are in to Vampires, and, well, Action.

Accompanying these awesome monstrous creatures are great lines, and even greater story plots to set these vampire movies over the top.

Here is a super crazy movie, “Face/Off”. Now the movie gets a little weird, but you will get the just of it when you watch it.
Ok so there is a cop ‘John Travolta’ and the bad dude is ‘Nicholas Cage’, so Travolta ends up having to have drastic plastic surgery to resemble Cage, so that he can go undercover and get information to find a bomb that Cage had planted.
It is twisted and strange and totally awesome, gotta see it!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my all time favorite action movie picks.

These are only some of the greatest action movies out there, there are so many more to choose from, and there are so many more that I love also, and I’m sure that you love also.

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