Alternative Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Those with inflammatory bowel disease suffer from an inflamed and irritated colon wall or small intestine. The disease causes bleeding and diarrhea. Drugs are given to treat the condition but when the drugs don’t work surgery to remove part of the infected intestine may be necessary. Although a serious disease that needs to be medically treated, there are alternative treatments available to reduce the inflammation of the disease without the side effects of drugs. These alternative treatments should be taken along with medications and with the knowledge of your doctor.

Glutamine works to nourish the small intestine and can help relieve the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. Glutamine is an amino acid that provides balance and restoration to the small intestine. Butyrate is a supplement that is very good for the colon. It helps to regulate, restore, and keep healthy the cells in the colon. For maximum results, try Cal-Mag Butyrate. Another alternative treatment to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease is Boswellia and Turmeric, these herbs help to reduce swelling of the colon.

Vitamin E is an effective way to fight free radicals, which are in abundance with inflammatory bowel disease. Vitamin E helps control free radicals and can help reduce the damage done by them. Inflammatory bowel disease causes the small intestine to be unable to absorb important nutrients the body needs. To provide essential nutrients in your body, the person should increase their intake of multivitamins and minerals to avoid any deficiencies. Vitamin A and folic acid helps restore the lining of the intestine and Zinc can treat and repair colon cells.

Many people with inflammatory bowel disease and other diseases of the colon experience a lack of iron and suffer from anemia. However, patients suffering from this disease should take ferritin, a non-irritating form of iron. Some iron supplements cause more irritation and inflammation in the intestine. When the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease flare up, the best way to treat this is to take a liquid diet until the flare up is gone. A liquid diet of herbal tea, high-protein broth, and vegetable juices are effective because it allows the body to get the necessary nutrients without the need for the intestines to do a lot of work digesting foods.

Fatty acids work to reduce inflammation and the risk of cancer for those with inflammatory bowel disease. Fatty acids are found in fish, fish oils, nuts, and seeds, just to name a few. Be sure to consult with your doctor before engaging in any of these alternative treatments, especially the liquid diet.

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