Alternative Treatments for ADHD

Drugs like Ritalin only work in “doping” someone to the point of them becoming a robot. Drugs only put a band-aid on the real problem. Instead of prescribing drugs to treat ADHD or ADD in children or adults there are better, more natural alternative ways to treat ADHD. The most important treatment for ADHD is to focus on the symptoms. What is causing the person to become easily distracted disorganized, impulsive. There are many psychology or physiology reasons that can attribute to one having the symptoms of ADHD. What would seem like logical solutions are ignored due to greed or a lack of care or concern. A few alternative treatments for ADHD are listed.

Doctors can look for the cause of the person’s distraction, which could be anxiety, lack of confidence, brain injury, or other factors. Diets can cause ADHD symptoms. Aggression, nervousness, agitation, and anxiety can all result from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. All of these behaviors are common symptoms of hypoglycemia. The solution in preventing low blood sugar is to eat every two hours, of course, not huge meals but small portions. Include protein in the meals, which stabilizes blood sugar.

Although the amounts of some of these supplements are recommended for adults, contact a physician for recommended dosage for children. An alternative treatment for ADHD is to avoid eating too much sugar, which actually lowers the blood sugar levels. Although, many avoid giving children a lot of sugar to keep them from being overactive, sweets actually lower the blood sugar, which can triggers insulin, a hormone that lowers glucose and therefore can result in hypoglycemia. Take multivitamins and mineral supplements for better biochemistry of the brain and the body so that your nervous system can work normal. Multivitamins that contains Thiamin (25mg), Vitamin B6 (100mg), Pantothenic acid (50 mg), Folic acid (400mcg), Beta-carotene (15 mg), Vitamin C (1000 mg), E (400 IU), Calcium (500-1000 mg), Magnesium (100-400mg), and Zinc (15mg).

The next alternative treatment for ADHD is to take Magnesium, which is a calming mineral. Extra magnesium will help calm the nerves, and therefore, some ADHD symptoms. Take at least 500 mg of magnesium a day. Fatty acids are good alternative treatments for ADHD because it supplies nutrients for the brain. Adding fatty acids to your diet have been shown to help the brain cells function better. Recommended usage is 500 mg a day of evening primrose oil and three teaspoons a day of flaxseed oil.

These alternative treatments can and have been shown to reduce ADHD symptoms and unlike a drug, are natural, safe, has a long-term effectiveness, and doesn’t turn a person into a robot.

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