Amber Alert International Creates the Child Safe Zone Program

Amber Alert International (AIA) is being adapted to include an addition called a Child Safe Zone program.

Michael Thrasher, founder of AIA, established a new site Sept. 24th to provide home-based franchise employment options for at home parents so they can work nights or weekends with a support system.

With Thrasher will offer a franchise at $1,500 each to at home moms to promote a safe child area. A third party vendor splits it with the rep and puts $1,000 into The $1,500 covers the listing fee of $125, laptop computer cost of $750, sales fee or $150, administration materials and binders for $80, $170 for taxes, Paypal fees, phone, power, domains, fuel, and internet access, uniforms for $200.00, plus miscellaneous expenses.

When a franchise owner hires new staff they contact the rep to come take a photo and the application. I.D. cards will cost $5 for two, issued two at a time. Uniform shirts will have logos.

“I am willing to stand up and do something to make our world a safer place to live,” said Thrasher. “I will give business owners the right tools and a chance to do their best work in their own neighborhood.”

AIA is a global private sector partner with Safe Child Zone. Franchise owners will be independent contractors working their own schedules, auto, and route selection. They keep 25 percent of the income as and independent contractor, pick the days to work or take off, pick routes with input from advisors, and can take a break in the day if something comes up.

There are no age, race, income, sex, or language restrictions. History of legal action on the part of the franchise owner is only limited by any act one time in the past 15 years of DUI, violence, sexual predator, domestic abuse, or theft. Even one incident in 15 years will disqualify the applicant.

Thrasher said the job is ideal for grand parents, veterans or their spouses, at home parents, and anyone else who qualifies.

Franchises are not limited to the U.S. Text is in English and open world wide.

The 1000 Franchise will go up for sale on Oct. 20th on, which Thrasher launched this month, is used as an Amber Alert records database. It is 80 times faster than anything else and always free, he said. According to Thrasher can now handle 1,000 people online at one time.

For more information, email Thrasher at

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