Amber Frey: The Reluctant Celebrity in Scott Peterson’s Murder Trial

Carmen Electra, actress and celebrity has had her career and relationships in the media’s eye for several years now. That’s the whole strategy, attend Los Angeles Fashion Week runway shows and be in the daily newspaper, in the fashion trade papers, the entertainment trade papers and have your picture taken for the relationship magazines. As a result your latest CD, movie, television show or exercise video gets mentioned raising her likely audiences interest in the product: Carmen Electra.

Amber Frey, on the other hand, was a single-mother working as a massage therapist in the surburban town of Modesto, California; same state different planet. She was working and raising her three-year-old daughter when along came Scott Peterson and an incipient relationship that would propel Ms. Frey’s image and life’s story around the world!

The media machine refered to Amber as Scott Peterson’s former mistress, in actuality she was a young woman who believed she was in a romantic relationship with the man who had come along to be her “Mister Right”. Her story had become “Celebrity Relationships: Episode Two”; at first she appeared shocked at being surronded by reporters and ringed by ENG cameras as they relentlessly pursued the story of the day. As the murder trial approached she warmed-up to the cameras that had come courting, the media knew just the right questions to ask a woman who had been romantically decieved by a master of manipulation.

Scott Peterson had three diplomas he had bought on the inet: Religious Studies from Arizona State University, Finance from the University of San Diego and another- Psychology, also from San Diego. This was an indication of his sometimes childish thinking; it’s the transcripts stupid. You just can’t go around flashing college diplomas and have people believe you are a learned and wise (con)man; the records have to be there and accessible for employers to aknowledge them.

The media machine denegrated Scott’s job as a “fertilizer salesman”. This is a highly technical industry, growers use daily satellite information to analyze the condition of their fields and soil samples are taken from various locations within each parcel. This information is assessed and the amount of irrigation water and fertilizer is carefully calculated to ensure optimum growth with the least amount of wasted resources. This requires engineering knowledge and communication skills, many agricultural workers do not speak or read English; Scott had the training to successfully advise the growers and their employees. Scott Peterson has an exceptional ability to create, organize and manage various types of information.

When Amber met Scott it is reasonable to assume that she was impressed with his sincerity and story of the recent “loss of his wife.” A salesman is by definition a “manipulator” of people, focusing on the customers needs and desires the salesperson guides them in their decision-making to the benefit of both parties. A salesman looking to get lucky selling himself operates in the same way, focusing on the emotional needs and desires of a romantically-minded young woman. Amber was soon sold on spending her future with the charming Scott Peterson.

The media had a spectacle-festival with the attractive young woman with the long-blonde hair. Amber resembles the acctress
Janel Moloney of NBC’sThe West Wing who played her in the CBS movie Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution. The victim Laci Peterson was also young and beautiful; both wronged women to be considered by the jury in Peterson’s murder trial. A trial in which only one piece of physical evidence was introduced.

The evidence presented against Scott Peterson by the prosecution was entirely circumstantial, that is the Modesto Police Department Homicide Detectives traced all of his behaviors back long before he met Amber Frey. Following accepted investigative procedures they could only come to one conclusion: that Scott Peterson was their prime suspect in the disappearance of his wife Laci.

Amber Frey, the reluctant celebrity, will be heard from again now that the Peterson Family has posted a reward for information. There certainly is information “out there” that will surface, perhaps from beneath San Francisco Bay; the reward money drawing it towards the ocean’s surface and the light.

And Carmen Electra , who had her wedding on MTV, will allow me as her fan, to celebrate her celebrity relationship.

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