America: A Sue-Happy Society

Many bemoan the existance of a sue-happy society. The blame game is there and lawyers advertise everywhere to make people pay. Have we lost the best part of America?

I wouldn’t live anywhere else. For all our imperfections America is unlike any other country in the world. But listening to the news, reading reports online and talking to people – and hearing the resounding echo for several years of the loss of common sense it’s time for the majority to take back America. In any other job if you don’t do what you say, show up, and accomplish what you’re supposed to you’re fired. Immediately. A minority of people exercise their right to vote. And when someone is voted in they can have 4 years or more of doing nothing but feeding their own interests.

Five years after 9-11 we’re putting failing scores on security. We are still far too open to terrorist attacks which many who otherwise disagree on issues – every one asked – thinks we WILL be attacked again. Five years and it’s still far too easy to buy chemicals intended for agriculture that if misused become bombs. Bombs that took down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City eleven YEARS ago. There is no excuse for it. For a report card, as reported by ABC news, resulting in D and F grades and continuing to leave us open to more attacks. Yes it’s a difficult issue. With major issues like this staring at all of us there is so much else that pales in comparison.

There is a group of Chicago attorneys bringing housing discrimintion charges against because of “discrimination.” What is this discrimination on a list? Asking for a “nice Christian roommate”, mentioning being in a Hispanic neighborhood or near a particular church. Common sense says that this is just fact and preference. After all, why would someone who has pets be restricted from stating the roommate must like pets? This is equal discrimination and, further, sets up more lawsuits.

Where did we lose personal responsibility? If you eat at McDonalds three times a day and do nothing but sit at a desk you’re not going to be a size 6. If you put a heavy object on an unstable base and it falls it can kill a small child – that also is common sense. If you put your child on a horse and don’t follow explicit directions there’s a chance if not a probability someone will get hurt. It’s tragic – but is not the fault of McDonalds, the manufacturer or the horse owner.

In response to these things we go to the government screaming “here protect us!” and laws are passed. Laws that take time and attention from what our officials should be doing…protecting our borders. Why is it that officials that can’t find 11 million immigrants think they are going to be able to track billions of cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, horses, chickens etc.? They can’t find a handful of terrorists but can find an individual cow, where she was born, where her offspring went and what they ate. How ’bout hanging on to the way things are with cows and – novel idea – let’s find the terrorists that we know are here! Although hindsight is 20/20 there were many times the terrorists of 9-11 passed through the loop of political correct and political motivation. If the decision is made to not offend voters that puts our country at my opinion that decision maker needs removed from office immediately. To have piles of documentation showing someone is at risk and ignore it is highly irresponsible. What kind of sense does it make to track a youth every time leaving the farm on her horse and ignore those buying bomb making materials? Who is really the greater risk to public health and safety?

The immediate criticism of anything President Bush says and the bickering between the parties of government needs to stop. The entire government needs a reality check…they’re “hired” (voted in ) to work for US. The bickering just illustrates more of a need to get re-elected than represent AMERICA. In a group of even 3 million NO ONE is going to say anything for 15 minutes without offending someone. And I’m sure there’s plenty of agreement and disagreement of what I say…which is why this is under opinion.

Soapmakers can no longer buy lye to make soap because of those buying it for making meth. If you buy certain items in combination law enforcement is flagged because of drug suspicions. Which with the damage done drugs should be watched – and it’s true innocent people are sometimes caught up for buying the wrong combination of things at the grocery store. Myself I wouldn’t have a clue – have never been tempted by that element. But if that is an issue why is it someone buying 400# of fertilizer, without a farm in the area and paying cash, cannot equally be flagged? Isn’t this a great risk to safety also? Or certainly have the potential to be. In some states one has to sign and get tracked for buying syringes and needles for livestock. So in those states someone with a sick goat is flagged but a bomber purchasing 300 pounds of supplies isn’t.

Personal responsibility. Watching our own back yards rather than looking at the neighbor’s porch. If the neighbor wants to have a few chickens for eggs in a neighborhood that has goats and horses why should people complain about the IDEA of having them and block it? If you want to purchase your meats direct from a farmer for personal beliefs why should the government tell you that you can’t do that? They’ve put our food supply at risk, with major corporations holding a large portion of the food. If we know the risk and don’t want to take it – and want to put our risk instead in someone who has a dozen goats and buy milk there – why should anyone else care?

We educate ourselves before buying cars and computers. Shouldn’t we also do the same and have the same choices for things in our homes? Why shouldn’t we make our own decisions what to do on our homes and farms – and let supply and demand dictate – and let the government officials deal with things like national security, employment, etc.?

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