America was Made by Rugged Individualists, Not Team Players

With storybooks and tales of all kinds, today’s American children have been lead to believe that gun-toting pioneers and guides of amazing bravery and strength lead settlers looking for a new life into the West. This myth has propagated all around society, but in fact the government was responsible for far more of the “making of America.”

The United States acquired the large central chunk of the US land today from France in the Louisiana Purchase, where they paid $15 million dollars. The government provided a framework and sense of infrastructure to the settlers farthest West, who battled disease, predators, starvation, and more.

In addition, the proposition that settlers blazed their own trails and survived on their own was simply not true. Only when they banded together (both for protection and greater manpower) were they able to erect many cabins, grow sufficient food, and protect themselves.

This was analogous to the Puritan settlers from England settling down in Jamestown, Virginia and forming the first English colony. They had to stick together to ward off predators, build shelter, and grow food. None of them could have survived alone.

However, one must admit that the answer may vary depending on what is meant by “America was madeâÂ?¦” If the topic means the settling period, then teamwork is vital. However, if it meant the development of the country, then individuals certainly played an important role.

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