American Christianity

Christianity in America today finds itself wielding more political power than ever in America. The fundamentalist branches of Christianity are growing every day. Of course, there are many Christians who are not part of the far right. The problem is that their voices are not being heard. The noises coming from the Ranting Right are the ones being heard, and the voices that are alienating America. The so-called “Culture War” rages, with the far right trying to extend its reach into every facet of American Society. Far from taking a “live and let live” stance, most in the movement seem to be pushing for their “moral” codes to be law of the land. They don’t want freedom for Americans. The only “freedom” they support is the freedom to be like them. They would support Israel even if the Israeli Air Force carpet bombed Beirut. The hardcore ones will stick with Bush all the way, following him all the way over the cliff.

If you are a Christian and are not part of the far right, I ask you to join me in putting a stop to what is being done to America, and what they want to do to the rest of the world. If you are part of the fanatical far right, you are being found out. The day is coming that your movement will be shown to be morally bankrupt and will lose its power. My only hope is for that to happen before you can do too much damage. And when you finally realize that you are not going to make America over in the image of your imaginings, we can all live in peace.

Don’t think that the far right fundamentalist movement is being led by the morally bankrupt? Let’s look at some of the big names in the movement. Start with Mr. Bush, who has been caught in so many lies and deceptions that they all start to blend together. A President who holds that a few stem cells are life that should not be touched but has no problem unleashing hell on civilians in the Middle East. Bill Frist-throws firecracker issues in front of the Congress when there are very important matters that require attention. Not to mention, he can diagnose better than other doctors (Terry Schiavo case) just by watching television. Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, D. James Kennedy, Jimmy Swaggart, Kenneth Copeland, all self-righteous doctrine spewers that push agendas of hate and prejudice. Ken Lay of Enron fame. The far right radio club-Sean Hannity, etc. The always wonderful Ann Coulter. Tom Delay, who pleaded that people see Jesus through him. Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition. And don’t forget the Anti-Semitic Mel whose “passion” seems to have to led him astray. Now, I know these people aren’t representative of the entire movement. But they are the ones who seem to be in charge.

In closing, faith should be a personal experience, and can be profound. It doesn’t belong at the forefront of American political discourse. We cannot legislate religious morality in America and criticize those in other countries who do the same.
“LIVE and Let LIVE!”

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