American Standard Vs. Ruud AC: Pros, Cons, Prices

As a homeowner looking for the best deal in cooling your house, compare American Standard vs. Ruud AC units to find which company will offer you what you need. Both have good reputations in the HVAC world and offer air conditioners for different budgets and lifestyles.

American Standard Pros and Cons

American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the Ingersoll Rand Corporation. The pros and cons of purchasing your AC unit from it are as follows:


  • · The company has three series of air conditioning units for different budgets: Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  • · The most affordable has three different units to choose from and the more expensive series has two each.
  • · There is an option of purchasing a transferable warranty in case you plan on selling your home during the warranty period.


  • · Most of the Silver and Gold models are only one-stage units.
  • · Most of the Silver and Gold models are not even as close in efficiency ratings as the Platinum models.
  • · If you do not register your product within 60 days of installation, only the basic warranty will apply to the unit.

Ruud AC Pros and Cons

The Ruud company has been around for over 100 hundred years. The pros and cons of purchasing your air conditioner from it are as follows:


  • · It has three series of units to choose from to help stretch your cooling budget: Value series, Achiever series and the Ultra series.
  • · You can get up to an SEER of 19.5 for the ultimate in energy efficiency.
  • · It offers two two-stage models in its Ultra series, as well as one single-stage model.


  • · The middle value Achiever series only has two single-stage models to choose from.
  • · The Value series only offers up to 17 SEER for its models.
  • · There is a general limited warranty, which you have to register for within 60 days or you may be stuck with only a limited parts warranty. The upgraded warranty is not transferable if you sell your home during the period that it is active.

American Standard vs. Ruud AC Prices

Compare air conditioner prices from both companies to help you make your final decision. All of the following are based on averages. You should use the Reply! site to get you in touch with local contractors for a complete estimate based on the AC unit, warranty information and how much it will cost to install air conditioners in your area.

  • · On average, American Standard 2.5 ton units will run you about $3,195.
  • · For a comparable 2.5 ton unit from Ruud, you will spend around $2,440.

You need to take into consideration, however, the different energy efficiency ratings of the units, as well as the warranty coverage that you need.

To choose the company that is right for you, get in contact with local resources to hire a contractor that is reputable in the HVAC industry to assist you in comparing American Standard vs. Ruud AC units. A professional can assess your individual needs and help you choose a model that will keep you cool and collected for years to come.

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