An Alternative Approach to Erectile Dysfunction

The men who suffer from “it” can be too embarrassed to seek help. All too often “it” is the subject of insensitive jokes made around the water cooler. The “it” is male sexual dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, and the millions of men who suffer from ED, or Erectile Dysfunction know it is no laughing matter. Male sexual dysfunction has come to the forefront in the past ten to fifteen years, and a great deal of research has been performed according to the problems that males face. The two main areas that males have problems with are erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and or a combination of both. Much of this research has focused on the recent introduction of several effective and popular drugs for ED. However these medications are not for everyone. In fact, they are often contra-indicated for men with heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, who make up a large percentage of the population suffering from impotence. According to specialists in the field, “The pharmaceutical companies would have you believe there pill is the one and only cure for Erectile Dysfunction, If there were one pill that would solve everyone’s sexual dysfunction problems then that would be certainly not only convenient and easy, but it would be very unique. These problems can be very complex and aside from the physical problems then you have to also consider the emotional and mental problems that weigh and become a main part of the sexual dysfunction process in men.”

Just as the presenting symptoms of ED vary from patient to patient, so can their causes. A visit to clinic run by the Boston Medical Group is just what the doctor ordered. At the Boston Medical Group, doctors are taking a broader approach to the problem. A complete medical exam is performed, including the latest in state of the art diagnostics, before any ED therapy is prescribed. “The diagnostic workup includes such things as measuring nerve conduction within the patient, and also measuring blood flow of a patient by echo-dopler means. So that we can get a picture of the basis for the patients problem, and go from there. Now that does not exclude such things as good patient history, because some patients not only have a physical problem, but they have a great deal of mental overlay effecting their over all problem.” Once properly diagnosed, a course of treatment is recommended that usually includes the direct application of an FDA approved medication. Most men who come to the clinic, will make an appointment after speaking to one of the trained telephone counselors. “Well obviously I didn’t want everyone to know I had this particular problem. So privacy was extremely important to me, and maybe I was a little overly sensitive about it, but when I did come to the clinic I was treated with a great deal of respect and understanding and also they made me feel like I wasn’t being singled out” Said one patient I spoke with. Doctors at the clinic say that this is very important and an integral part of their philosophy toward the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. While they use a proven medical technique that is 98% effective in most patients, they never overlook the mental and emotion aspects associated with Erectile Dysfunction. “The emotional toll that is exhibited in the patients that have male sexual dysfunction affects not only the patient and their relationships, but also affects their inner feelings about themselves in terms of their own self esteem, in terms of their own feelings of adequacy, in terms of their performance parameters. The treatment modalities for patients that have sexual dysfunction should include and encompass the emotional aspects of these patients’ problems, that is what we do here.”

It is well known that many physical conditions can also bring with them emotional anguish. Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction may not only improve ones love life, they just might also renew your love of life.

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