An Angel with Blue Colored Eyes

An angel wakes with blue colored eyes
Yawning, stretching in the sunlight
Her bed made quickly
Breakfast on the table
She dresses for her day
And gives those around her the best of her love

Out on the street there’s a tear in her eye
She looks toward heaven
She looks down the street
Then she’s gone
On her way
To meet a banker clandestinely

She thinks she’s fallen under a delusion
She thinks she’s in love
At home but lonely she feels under a spell
She loves those around her but she’s blue
The man of her dreams is at home
But she goes to a stranger across town

She may as well exist on Jupiter
For she can hardly breathe these days
Yawning, stretching in the sunlight
An angel with blue colored eyes
Is filled with exuberance
As anticipation carries her out the door

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