An Appeal to Republicans

I am a liberal. I am for the rights of the workers and the middle class and poor, what I feel is the obligation of a rich country to provide good health care for all, and the separation of church and state. And there are many more areas in which I would totally disagree with Republicans. But now I am asking you (and us liberals) to put aside party differences and philosophical disagreements. The very future of how we want America to be is being assaulted by the Bush Administration. So I want to appeal to you on the grounds of why you are a Republican in the first place.

The Fiscal Republican.
If you are a Republican because you think that government programs should be small, then I ask you to consider that Bush is the biggest spender in history. He is cutting taxes while raising spending to astronomical levels. Every economist not on the Bush payroll will say that the deficit spending is crazy and cannot be sustained. Do you want less government? Bush is expanding the role of government to “Big Brother” levels. He wants to know who you talk to, what you do on the internet, and what you read. This cabal is the most corrupt in history, as is coming out more everyday. He appoints totally unqualified cronies to important positions, and rewards lobbyists for pushing his agendas.

The Religious Conservative.
If you voted for the Republicans because of how you feel about the “Culture War” in America, I ask you the following: Can you, in good conscience, tell me that the Bush Administration reflects anything close to Christian virtues? They have hijacked your support by catering to you on key issues that you feel are immutable. Abortion, the Ten Commandments, stem cell research, Intelligent Design, and more. These are issues that can be discussed in the political arena. But they are not worth sacrificing our freedoms. You must understand that Bush has lied to you, he promises to make the country more like you want, but is picking your pocket of freedom while he does it.

The Fearful.
If you voted for Bush because you felt he could protect us from terror better than anyone else, than you are definitely being fooled. He is alienating us from the entire world so we don’t have allies, while at the same time making enemies that we may have for generations. George Bush and Al Qaeda go hand in hand, feeding off each other. Can you honestly tell me that you think Bush would have been re-elected if not for the so-called “terror” issues? Please, please think about what we are giving up to him when we are getting absolutely nothing in return. George Bush is the best recruiter that Al Qaeda has ever had. And is always the case when a bad government seeks to preserve itself through fear, he needs an enemy.

Consider this, Republicans everywhere. The best, and possibly only way, to put the brakes on Bush is to vote the Democratic Party into control of the House and/or Senate. Whatever disagreements we might have, we need to come together as Americans to restore a check and balance system to our government.

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