And We’re the Barbarians?

To listen to the nonsensical debate about how we should treat terrorists taken from the field of battle going on between the far and not so far political left one might wonder who the real barbarians are. While radical Islamic extremists are rioting in the streets, burning churches, shooting nuns, beheading “infidels”, blowing up school children, seeking nuclear weapons to annihilate Israel, threatening to kill the Pope and just being generally violent over being called violent, we are sitting around debating if sleep deprivation, eating McDonalds food and playing loud music are torture and how to fight a kinder and gentler war.

The United States Senate thanks to Republicans like John McCain who have resisted an attempt to define exactly what is “torture” under the vague and incredibly broad Geneva Conventions. This is no real surprise considering McCain and others have proven they don’t really care about America by proposing flagrant violations of the First Amendment and passing them into law. Normally it takes no real problem at all to get Congress to act and pass a law of some sort to infringe upon the liberties of Americans. However when it comes to giving our military personnel the boundaries of what they can and cannot do, there is a lot of balking going on about the rights of terrorists.

There is a lot of whining about how defining what we will allow might somehow destroy the good will between us and our enemies (i.e. the terrorists) and might endanger our soldiers captured abroad. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that you can make that argument. Not when our soldiers captured by the enemy in this war on Islamic Terror are already being decapitated and their bodies are bobby trapped to kill those that retrieve the corpses. I hate to break it to you but they are not going to treat our soldiers better than that.

The Geneva Conventions despite being in effect for decades have never stopped evil people from disregarding them. The North Vietnamese for example did not treat our POWs in accordance with the Conventions despite their existence. John McCain can attest to that.

But just to be nice the radical Islamic terrorists we capture have three square meals a day (even McDonalds if they want it) and get to pray five times in accordance with their religion. But still we’re seen as the bad guys somehow even though we are sitting on a stockpile of weapons that could end this war right now and end it several times over. The United States’ stores of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons could devastate any region where terrorists are infesting the populace. But do we use them? No.

Why? Because we care about innocent people being hurt. Meanwhile terrorist states are trying desperately to use and even have used such weapons in the past against other countries and even their own people. I ask again; and we’re the barbarians?

We’re not Mother Theresa to be sure but we are no where near the level of those that we are fighting and I am sick and tired of hearing moral equivalency arguments being made.

And as far as I am concerned since these terrorists are not covered by the Geneva Conventions regardless of what dictators in black robes might claim and we should start by waterbording them in bacon fat until they squeal in realization that Allah has no power to save them. And we should give John McCain a front row seat.

Its time to stop putting terrorists on the couch and trying to figure out what makes them tick. Because we already know that ticking is coming from the bomb strapped around their barbaric waists.

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