And so it Goes, Another One Bites the Dust

She sat there, under the oak tree,
In the shade and out of the heat�
Her head hung low,
And her foot nudging the acorn
The soft dry dirt, stirring in the breeze
And leaving a brown dust on her feet.
She had heard this spiel before,
So she showed very little interest.
Cripes, she could give this little talk herself –
If it was not so pathetic.
Here stood this obnoxious know it all –
Talking about how obsessive she USED to be –
About having to know it all.
But she is not like that any more.
My fat aunt Annie’s ass – she thought to her self.
She knew that this obsessive bitch would
Argue down a man eating lion –
About not eating red meat,
If given the opportunity.
And she finally knew,
That the friendship
Had always been one-sided.
Miss know it all talked,
And she pushed acorns around in the dirt,
And pretended to listen.
So today, all she wanted to know –
Who the hell ever said patience was it’s own reward?
Cuz for well over 25 years now, patience had been her torture.
And today she was done.
She stood up, straightened her shoulders,
And looked her straight into the eye, in that pinched up, holier than thou face –
And she can’t believe it still, but she stood right there and told herâÂ?¦
“You know what my “friend”? I’m done here. You’ve said it all, least twice.
And I am done listening to all the hot air escape from your blow hole.
Can’t say it’s been nice knowing ya, cuz it hasn’t been.”
And she walked away. She took one look back,
And that pinched up, miserable face looked like the painted face of a clown doll.
And she finally got a laugh out of a friendship, that should have died long ago.
And so it goes, another one bites the dust.

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