Andy Griffith Show Trivia Quiz

Back when this show was popular, people could still watch a sitcom, like this one, and not be embarrassed for their children to watch the same show they did. Not only was the show clean, it was also funny. We loved watching the sheriff who didn’t wear a gun, his zany deputy, his cute son, and his Aunt Bee. How much do you know about the Andy Griffith Show, one of the most popular television shows in history? Take this trivia quiz and find out.

1. This actor, who appeared on the show, later put out gospel
music records.
a. Andy Griffith
b. Don Knotts
c. Ron Howard

2. What was the last name of Floyd the Barber?
a. Smith
b. Jones
c. White
d. Larson

3. Who was the only male performer from the Andy Griffith Show to win an Emmy?
a. Ron Howard
b. Don Knotts
c. Andy Griffith

4. What famous actor never appeared on the Andy Griffith show?
a. Jack Nicholson
b. Bill Bixby
c. Peter Graves
d. Buddy Ebsen

5. Who was the telephone operator on the show?
a. Mary
b. Sarah
c. Cindy
d. Betty

6. What was the name of the caf�© in the Andy Griffith Show?
a. Bluebird Caf�©
b. Mayberry Caf�©
c. Hamburger Shop
d. Sam’s Place

7. This actor later not only continued to act but also directed movies.
a. Don Knotts
b. Andy Griffith
c. Ron Howard

8. Who owned the fix-it shop?
a. Barney, who moonlighted
b. Sam
c. Emmett
d. Floyd’s unnamed cousin

9. Who replaced Barney as a deputy on the Andy Griffith Show?
a. Goober
b. Gomer
c. Warren
d. Frank

10. How was the theme song introduced on every episode?
a. With someone whistling the song
b. With someone playing the song on a violin
c. With someone playing the song on a banjo
d. With someone playing the song on a piano

11. Who told Opie he was just “apple pie crazy.”
a. Aunt Bee
b. Andy
c. Barney

12. Who told Aunt Bee three pieces of pie was his “high water mark?”
a. Andy
b. Barney
c. Opie
d. Briscoe Darling

13. Who said, “The only excuse for not eating at mealtime is when you’re sick?”
a. Barney
b. Andy
c. Opie
d. Sam Jones

14. Who once ate 57 pancakes in a contest?
a. Gomer
b. Goober
c. Barney
d. Floyd

15. Who made a pan of cashew fudge every Tuesday?
a. Aunt Bee
b. Juanita
c. Thelma Lou
d. Clara Edwards

16. Who was Dickie, whom Andy suggested Opie might want to give a piece of watermelon for dessert?
a. Opie’s friend
b. Opie’s dog
c. Opie’s bird
d. Opie’s cat

17. How much did Ellie Walker charge Emma Watson for the sugar pills she thought would be a miracle cure? The sugar pills did work, just because she thought they would.
a. 10 cents
b. 50 cents
c. 25 cents
d. One dollar

18. What two characters were mentioned on the show but never seen?
a. Julie and Sarah
b. Sarah and Juanita
c. Juanita and Fred
d. Juanita and George

19. Why did Gomer once try to slap a citizen’s arrest on Barney?
a. Illegal U-turn
b. Speeding
c. Carrying a concealed weapon

15-c-For her standing date with Barney.
18-b-Sarah was the telephone operator; Juanita sometimes dated

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