Anger Management Classes in Maryland and Online

The American Psychological Association offers great tips on how to recognize and manage your anger before it gets the better of you. With domestic violence growing, and one out of every three women being abused, it is imperative that batterers and abusers are introduced to programs that may help them change their behavior or recognize when they are heading in a negative direction. Creative Dispute Services, in Columbia, MD offers several courses in group or corporate settings. Adults and Children Together Against Violence (ACT against Violence) offers courses for adults who raise, care for, or teach children ages 0 through 8 years. They focus on teaching adults how to be positive role models, and to provide a positive, nurturing environment where children can learn non-violent problem solving. The Domestic Violence Center of Howard County offers a ‘New Behaviors’ abuser intervention program.

Workplace violence is becoming more commonplace so companies are beginning to invest in anger management programs. The Freeman Institute offers a class that helps the participants recognize their individual anger styles and learn how to deal with it. Human resource offices can also request a speaker for an anger management event at their office. Here is a list of anger management speakers. Violence is becoming increasingly prevelant among teenagers. Several organizations have started to address this with programs that are relevant and informative for teenagers. Kids Health website offers ideas on how teens can deal with anger. Younger children (ages 9-13) can learn how to get along and handle conflict. There is a National Youth Violence Prevention Center that focuses on ways to help teens manage anger and conflict healthily. It also addresses ways teens can remove themselves from unhealthy or abusive situations.

Reacting in anger does not help any situation. Count to ten, walk away, breathe and think.

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