Animal and Pet Rescues in New Hampshire

Theses organizations are private, tax exempt organizations. Any adoption fees or donations are tax deductible. If you need to get rid of a pet, do not just let it go Bring it to a shelter or rescue group and let it find a new family. Many of them offer low cost spay/neuter programs. If you cannot adopt, give a look at the sites and see if you can make a donation Everything goes to the animals. Theses are arranged by county If you do not see a shelter or group in your county, call the one nearest you If they cannot help they will be glad to refer you to one who can.

Belknap County, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Humane Society (Dogs and Cats)
Would you like too win a trip to Daytona Florida? Check out the front page. They offer dog training classes.

Carroll County, New Hampshire

The Conway Area Humane Society ( dogs and cats)
They are in need of volunteers. It is a great and rewarding way to spend your spare time.

Lake Region Humane Society ( dogs and cats)
They have just opened a new shelter and welcome visitors.

Libby’s Haven for Senior Canines( Dogs only)
This is a special place for senior dogs. If you can give a home to a senior dog, you will not be sorry. They make great pets and appreciate everything you do for them.

Cheshire County, New Hampshire

Ferret Wise (Ferrets only)
Ferrets are not wild animals. They are related to weasels the same way a dog is related to a wolf. They have a great on line store with items for ferrets and humans. Ferrets make great pets.

Monadnock Humane Society
They offer dog training classes.

Monadnock Kitty Rescue and Adoption Inc. (Cats only)

Coos County, New Hampshire

Lancaster Humane Society( dogs and cats)

Grafton County, New Hampshire

Upper Valley Humane Society ( cats, dogs, birds and small animals)
They are looking for foster families. They also offer dog training classes.

Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Animal Rescue League of NH ( Dogs and cats)
Check out the events page and see if there is one you could attend. They offer obedience classes and you can have a birthday party at the center. If you cannot adopt a pet, check out the sponsor page.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue League of New England ( Cocker Spaniels only)
You can help by joining the virtual adoption’s program and help sponsor a special needs dog. They have some interesting fund raisers coming up.

Fauna Rescue ( birds only)
They are just setting up their first shelter and need a lot of help.

Humane society of Greater Nashua ( cats, dogs and small animals)

Manchester Animal Shelter ( dogs cats and small animals)
They are open 7 days a week and are overloaded with animals, so they need adoptive families now. They are also in need of food for the animals. They have a great on line store, and many different and interesting events coming up.

We Are Animal Guardians ( WAG)( cats and dogs)
They have low cost spay/neuter programs.

Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Concord-Merrimack County SPCA (cats, dogs and small animals)
They are in desperate needs of emergency funds. Read the story on the front page. Anything you can do will help a lot. Every April they run a low cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic. They also run a micro-chip tag day

Live and Let Live Farm ( horses and farm animals)
They are a rehabilitation rescue shelter that takes on horses mostly and some other animals. They have saved horses from slaughter. Check out the events page. Some good things coming up.

Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Doberman Rescue ( Dobermans Only)
They have many great Dobermans for adoption. This is a good way to get a purebred animal.

Equine Protection of North America ( horses)
They have a nice on line gift shop. Stop in and see if there is anything you would like for yourself or find a gif for a horse lover.

Feline Friends ( cats only)
If you live near by and want a cat or kitten, give them a call. They are a small group doing a big job.

Greater Derry Humane Society ( dogs and cats)
They do not have a shelter. All the animals are kept in foster homes. They need volunteers and more foster homes. They offer beginning dog training classes at a reasonable price.

New England Basset Hound Rescue ( Basset Hounds only)
If you are looking to adopt a purebred basset, give them a call. They are also looking for foster homes.

New Hampshire SPCA ( cats, dogs and small animals)
Attending an event is a fun thing to do and great way to help a shelter. Check the schedule and see if there is one that interests you.

Salem Animal Rescue League ( cats and dogs)
Support them by buying an item from the on line store.

Seacoast Area Feline Education and Rescue, Inc (cats only)
They do great work with feral cats. Also, need volunteers.

Strafford County, New Hampshire

Cocheco Valley Humane Society ( cats, dogs and small animals)
Check with them about micro-chipping your dog or cat. It is a sure way to be reunited if they are lost and found.

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