Answer to War

Opponents to the war at Iraq, and any other country the US decides to invade, has a laundry list of reasons why we shouldn’t be there. Conspiracy theorists are also rampant, telling the true reasons of what we are doing there. Even more so, is the pacifists that claim that by leaving Iraq we can herald in world peace. It seems like everyone has the answer to the situation in Iraq, especially the Iraqis. The reality of the situation is there will never be a single complete answer that men will want.

Since the famous exit from Garden of Eden, mankind has turned to its own twisted logic to decide its fate. Generation after generation, mankind has fought amongst itself to create a type of heaven on earth. Unfortunately, everyone has their own idea of what the ideal is.

When someone does find others who share their ideal, they team up against those that don’t share. Our own American history should teach us this with lessons being taken from the fight for independence and the civil war. In other words, people will kill to make their ideal reality for everyone else.

This is human nature, not the Father. Remember, Father did give us free will so that we could choose to follow him. Unfortunately, it is mankind that chooses to follow himself, and it is that kind of choice that gets us into predicaments like Iraq. Then, like with everything else, men gets to argue that everybody else did it wrong.

Of course everybody did it wrong, and Father knew we would. It isn’t that our species is too stupid to do it right, its just that we are vain. We honestly believe that our personal choices are the right choices, when the right choice is to believe His choice is the right one.

There is no way that a few people is going to save the world by choosing to follow the Father. There is no way that almost everyone is going to choose to follow Him either. Most people will be to overtook with forcing their ideals onto others to realize that they are wrong. And yes- I’m talking about the government supporters, spiritual leaders and everyone else who starts a conversation with, “I know how to fix at least one of mankind’s problems.”

You might ask why I included spiritual leaders among the mix. After all, aren’t they supposed to tell us what Father wants? If anyone wants to know the truth about the men that they follow, listen closely to their words. The moment they give an opinion on which side of politics they are on, you know they are choosing a human ideal over following the Father.

So until Father comes and removes his followers from a man-controlled world, everyone is stuck listening and arguing with those that have ‘the answer’.

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