Anyone Who Says the Internet Isn’t Good for Independent Agents and Brokers Must Be Selling Franchises!

We have all heard them: people who would eliminate the disadvantage they feel they are at, by eliminating the Internet

There are many reasons for this:

1. Every form or Internet advertising they ever tried didn’t work, so ‘Internet advertising is overrated’.
2. Self serving novices have used the public’s naivetÃ?© to over promise, then disappear.
3. There are many who feel unfairly disadvantaged because they are not tech-savvy.

However, mostly it is about money and power – not really a surprise.

Franchisers do not want you to feel that you can succeed without the ‘mother ship’ franchiser, because they want workers, not competitors.

After all, if you could do as well or better without hem because of the Internet, what would happen to the franchisers, hmmm?!

I suspect that their sales are already plummeting. Just as Century 21, Prudential and others have discouraged independent websites and forced company solutions which don’t work on their agents for years, waiting for the Internet to ‘disappear’; likewise promoters of online malls (sometimes referred to as ‘lead generators’) have been beating a steady drum of ‘don’t try it on your own, you need us to do it for you’ for years, at the same time bidding up the general search terms so high you cannot cash-flow them (PPC) because they do not need to sell houses at all, only advertising, TO YOU!

Let’s face it, ladies and gentleman; we cannot expect the owners of the playing field to thank the Internet for leveling it so that you could compete without them.

They will continue to try to convince you that you need them, and we will continue to tell you the truth. And that is just the nature of the market.

Be a professional, or get out of the business; because the days of preying on new agents’ broken dreams are over! We have many new and independent agents, with large firms, and on their own: who are making lots of money selling to leads generated from a properly planned, optimized, and promoted website. (BTW: we are not web-designers, we are not selling websites)

Anybody who tells you the Internet is ‘overrated’, frankly, is lying to you. They are telling you what you want to believe to prey on your dreams, the bad old way.

My strategy has always been very simple: I just keep telling the truth, and people just keep figuring it out, and listening.
Simple and effective: there is your thought for the day. Thank you for listening, and stay tuned for big things.

Israel Rothman is a well known Internet consultant and writer: see

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