Apple IPod Versus RCA MP3 Player – Tips for Selecting the Music Device that is Right for You!

Apple’s iPod is the new hit in the technology world, but is it really a better product than, say, an RCA MP3 Player? I’m not so sure. Although there are many positive things to be said about an iPod, these things are often by people who haven’t owned one, themselves. There are many things to consider before buying an iPod. In my opinion, you may come out ahead by opting for an RCA MP3 Player, instead.

iPod has a lot of benefits. Large memory capabilities built into a compact concoction, and little headphones that fit right into your ears, which are great for running, but do these features really make the iPod worth buying?

The RCA MP3 player is also a great invention. It is small, capable of adding memory by memory card and comes with arm bands.

There are many downsides to iPod. The battery on mine, after a couple of weeks, and after being charged only a few times was already close to the end of its life. Then, I found out that Apple doesn’t send you a new battery; you have to mail the iPod to them and they will send you back another one with a better battery. This could mean you are actually getting a used iPod. The RCA MP3 player uses an AAA battery which lasts 20-30 hours depending on the brand. This is a great deal because you get to keep your own music player, and can replace your own battery whenever you need to.

iPod only runs on ITunes, which can cause a problem for those with older computers. Using ITunes, whenever you hook up your iPod, all the music on your computer is placed onto the device. This means you have no choice of what music is put on your device unless you go through your entire music collection manual. Since the iPod only works with ITunes, this is the only online store you can purchase music from, which severely limits your choice of music. Of course, you can use your own CD’s but the whole point of a music device is to not have to buy every CD you would like to hear. iPod music downloads cost $1.00 a download.

With RCA MP3 you use the disc they send you, download to your computer, and can manually choose your music. The RCA MP3 player is also compatible with a large assortment of online music stores including, Wal*Mart Music Downloads, MSN Music, Napster, and V Cast music. These downloads usually cost between 88 cents and 99 cents, depending on which music store you purchase from.

On an iPod, you can select from numerous memory capabilities including 512kb to 30GB. iPod can also store videos.

Although RCA MP3 players have less memory capabilities, you can always purchase a memory card to go with the device.

RCA MP3 Players come in a variety of different sizes and are very durable. iPods are rectangular shaped and not quite as sturdy. If an iPod is dropped even once, more than likely it will be unfixable. When an RCA MP3 Player is dropped, it just turns off to insure nothing is lost from memory, and then can be turned right back on. You would think, since iPods cost so much more, that they would last longer than a few weeks.

Prices these days are very important. The RCA MP3 Player compared to iPod is much less expensive. Depending on what memory capabilities are purchased, iPod prices run anywhere from $80 for a simple 512 kb memory iPod shuffle to $300 would for a 30 GB iPod with video capabilities. A 512 kb memory RCA MP3 Player would only cost around $60, and a memory card could be purchased for about $20 more.

There are a few similar things included in both the iPod and the RCA MP3 Player. Both have hold buttons, and use a USB cable to connect to your computer. Each device also comes with a set of headphones and some type of case. All are equipped with a play button, a stop button, forward and back button, a hold button, and an on-off switch.

After learning all these things about each device, I have come to the conclusion that the RCA MP3 Player is a much better product. This is the device I currently own and recommend to my friends; original cost less than $100, easy transfers of music, and it can be taken anywhere. Just right for someone like me. I would advise anyone looking into purchasing either of these products to look carefully at all the features of each one, to make sure you are getting quality, not just buying the name.

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