Apples Galore, Schweizer’s Orchard, St. Joseph, Missouri

Each year growing up, our family would take a trip to the apple orchard. When the cool weather came, we knew it was that time of year. We have continued the tradition, and still go each year.

Since the weather has turned cool, the excited has started to show in all of us. We picked our day, and off we went to the apple orchard. We found one in the St. Joseph, Missouri area that we really enjoy, known as Schweizer’s Orchard. We pull up to the little store, and go inside to get our bags for picking apples. My youngest even received his own bag for apples. He was feeling pretty special.

We made our way through the variety of apples and found our spot. We climbed out of the car, and the fun began. There were apples everywhere. No matter which way you turned, there were red and yellow apples. In no time, we had 2 large bags full, along with a smaller bag my youngest had filled.

While driving back to the store, we came across the pumpkin patch. I have never seen such large pumpkins in my life. They were an amazing site to see. Of course we had to get out and get pictures. Along with pumpkins, they have corn, blackberries and a variety of other fruits and vegetables.

Before leaving, the kids think they need to have some fun on the playground. They could spend hours there, and it’s a nice place for the parents to sit and relax close by. When it is closer to Halloween, they also set up a maze for the kids to go through and offer train rides.

This is a place I would recommend to anyone that enjoys the outdoors and some fun. It is a great orchard, and the people working there are great. I couldn’t ask for a better place to take my children and have a good time.

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