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Featured Artist : The Arctic Monkeys

With all the hype over this English punk-pop-metal roller-coaster of a band, can it at least be acknowledged that they are the CUTEST new band on the scene? Alex Turner, all of 20 years old, is unmistakably British in his accent and lyrical delivery, not to mention his looks! Selling 120,000 copies of their single in one day is no small feat, and the band is well on their way to reaching one million copies of their new album in early 2006. Check out why they are so loved by their fans and so criticized by lovers of “real rock.”

*top tracks*

1. “I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor”

Download the track on iTunes or check out the song and free video at:

2. “When the Sun Goes Down”

3. “A Certain Romance”

Nightmare of You

Will this foursome dethrone Brandon Flowers and The Killers as the kings of alterna-metrosexual pop? They don’t have the attitude of The Strokes or the slickness of The Killers, but this new indie/emo group from Long Island does have a surprisingly catchy sound, sensual lyrics and just the right amount of sleaze, courtesy of lead singer Brandon Reilly’s hardcore roots.

*top tracks*

1. “I Want to be Buried in Your Backyard”

Download the track on iTunes or check out the song and free music video at:
2. “The Days Go By Oh So Slow”

The Sounds

Not being much of a dancer (or a fan of female vocalists), I must say that the new album from The Sounds succeeded in making even the most tired, worn-out rump long for the dance floor. This is a party record, a head-banging plethora of nonsense with no higher meaning or substance. These Swedish rockers blend catchy guitar rifts with synth and keyboards in successful 3-minute radio tracks. Producer Jeff Saltzman gives the same sexiness he gave The Killers, but without the self-important attitude of Brandon Flowers. The opening track of their most recent album may be called “Song with a Mission,” but let’s not mistake The Sounds’ goal for anything other than some hot, nasty butt-shakin’.

*top tracks*

1. “Song With A Mission”

Download the track on iTunes or check out the song and free music video at:

2. “Queen of Apology” – is it possible that this song is sung by Kelly Clarkson’s evil Swedish sister?

She Wants Revenge (don’t even attempt to understand this siteâÂ?¦I can’t!)

Every time this band plays on my satellite radio, my girlfriend cringes and begs for me to turn it off. I love this band for no reason other than that! All kidding aside, I was honestly quite disturbed after hearing them for the first time. I’m not into gloom-rock, but this duo is a bit hypnotic. I dare you to listen to the two tracks below and not appreciate them for their unique sound, clever musical combinations and creepiness. Also, quite possible one of the spookiest videos I’ve seen. To boot, one of the band members was a regular extra on Saved By The Bell…classic!

*top tracks*

1. “Tear You Apart”

Download the track on iTunes or check out the song and free music video at:

2. “These Things”

Hotel Lights

Started by former Ben Folds Five drummer Darren Jessee, this band’s lead track stuck out as one of the best new lyrical, inspirational and musical combinations that I’ve heard in a while. “A.M. Slow Golden Hit” is undoubtedly mellow, yet contemplative and calming. Jessee was well-trained in the art of matching smart lyrics with simple guitar, creative synth and solid effects choices. The music is richly layered with keyboards (which are what first caught my attentions), crisp guitars, soft pianos and a laid-back feel. Jessee will probably become a better producer than front man, but this experiment is still worth listening to. I think you can honestly hear these songs every day – they are pop songs that you get closer to after each listen.

*top tracks*

1. “A.M. Slow Golden Hit”

Download the track on iTunes or check out the free song at:

2. “I am a Train”

Happy listening!

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