Are You Addicted to Coffee?

That might sound like a very strange statement, since most people do not think of coffee as an addiction. But it really is possible to get addicted to coffee. More than likely you are addicted to the caffeine. Most people are usually exhausted and just do not get the proper amount of sleep each night. Because of this they tend to drink enormous amounts of coffee throughout the day. If you try to tell someone that they may be drinking to much coffee, they will usually respond the same way that any addict would. How can you tell if someone is addicted to coffee? Well one of the first things is that they will get very irritable if they do not have their coffee at a specific time each day. Even if they already had a cup a few hours ago they will begin to display some of the following symptoms. Their hands make begin to shake, they can fell very exhausted, they may also start to get very bad migraine headaches. According to many doctors a lot of migraine headaches are caused by drinking to much caffeine.

If you find that you are drinking more than two cups of coffee per day, and that you get very cranky if you do not have your coffee, then you have a serious problem. Many people feel that it is just a little caffeine and it is not drugs so what is the problem. The problem is that you are slowly cutting your life short. You may not currently have any type of health problems, but if you continue to drink large amounts of coffee you will find that you are getting more and more health problems. Some doctors feel that drinking too much coffee is very similar to smoking cigarettes. The only difference is that you are not killing or harming anyone else by drinking coffee. Unless you are pregnant then you are harming someone else. To try and find out if you are addicted to coffee if you are not sure, you could try a test. First get rid of all the coffee in your house. Then try to not drink coffee for just one day, and make a note of any symptoms that you may display. You will be surprised at how miserable you feel just because you did not have your daily cup of coffee.

Weaning yourself off of coffee is a lot harder than most people think. Once you are addicted to the caffeine it can take months to be able to stop drinking it so often, or even to stop drinking it at all. There is certainly nothing wrong with having one cup a day, but this really should be your limit. I have several friends and associates who are coffee addicts, and still find it impossible to stop drinking coffee. Also if you have been drinking large amounts of coffee for more than a year, than you will will want to visit your doctors office as soon as possible. Your health may not be as good as you think it is.

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