Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home Yourself? First Impressions Are Important!

Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home Yourself? First Impressions are Important!

When selling your home by FSBO, the first impressions people get is very important.
If the first impression is not good then people wont take any interest in your home. No offers will come in. In order to make a great impression on people, follow these tips and the offers will come in.

1. Do a Home Inspection.
Go around and clean the walls, check for fingerprints, smudges, and dents etc. Check woodwork, tiles, vinyl, wallpaper etc. for signs of wear and tear. Make notes on everything you find.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most dramatic improvement you can make to your home interior. You will get more than your investment back.

3. Clean out.
Getting you home ready to sell is a good time to clean out. Get rid of items that you never use. Check the garage, attic and every room.

4, Store it.
Put everything you don’t need in storage. Rent a storage unit if you need too. Any piece of furniture that looks “comfortably warn” should be removed

5. Windows.
Check all the windows and windowsills carefully. Look for chipped paint, signs of leaks, etc. Check regularly for dead flies. Take down the curtains or drapes for washing or dry cleaning.

6. Wax linoleum floors. Clean around the edges and make all the floors look sparkling clean. Make your whole interior sparkle!

7. Carpets and Rugs.
Have all the rugs and carpets shampooed or rent one of those “do it yourself” carpet cleaners. It’s better to spend a few dollars now rather than have the buyer ask for a “new carpet allowance” as a condition of purchase.

8. Plumbing.
Check for leaking faucets, running toilets etc. Strange noises or sounds of water flowing can spook a buyer. Even little things like this can make a buyer wonder what is wrong or not working right.

9. Organize.
Organize the homes interior to make it look uncluttered. Rearrange the furniture to make each room look as spacious as possible.

10. Color Coordination.
Look carefully at the color coordination throughout the house. Does the homes interior color scheme flow? Does anything clash horribly with the rest of the house?

11. Bathrooms need to be so clean you can eat off any surface. They must be spotless! Clean the bathtubs, showers, toilets and sinks. Replace the shower curtain if it has mold on it. Look for water stains or rust in basins or around the fixtures. Check that the chalking around the shower, tub, and sink is in mint condition. If it isn’t, replace it!

12. Light Switches.
Look at all the light switches. Replace any that have paint or are cracked.

13. Closets.
Organize the closets. Store your out of season clothes in the storage unit you rented. It is important that closets look as large and spacious as possible. Also make them smell nice.

14. Does your house, Flow?
Indoor/outdoor flow is important too. If you have doors to the deck, open them up. Your deck should have an outdoor table and chairs with a colorful umbrella. Make your deck part of your home.

15. When people visit a strange home their senses are alive, to anything unusual – sights, sounds, and smells. If you have a smoker in the house, make sure your home doesn’t smell like an ashtray. Even smelly tennis shoes can stink up a room. Spray some air-freshener around. Make sure it isn’t too strong. The old trick of baking bread, cookies, and even freshly brewed coffee, works wonders.

If you have pets, then put them outside when a prospective home buyer calls. Check for fleas, cat fur, and dog hair etc. on furniture and flooring. Be aware that some people hate animals and some people are easily frightened and intimidated by a barking dog. You might want to consider asking your neighbor if you can put your animal in their back yard, if possible.

The simple trick in sprucing up your home interior for your FSBO sale is to spend money wisely. Don’t be afraid to invest a little to make you home more presentable. Consider any major home improvements wisely. Ask yourself if you will get enough money from the sale, or would you be better off not spending the money at all.

There is an old saying anyone that has owned a home has heard.
“Never put a nickel into your house unless you can get a dime back!”

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