Are You a Skeeter Feeder?

Mosquitoes are responsible for the spread of deadly diseases like West Nile Virus and encephalitis but there is a lot you can do help rid your own space of these biters. In your yard make sure there are no empty cans, bottles or old tires. Mosquitoes love to make their home in any number of empty objects. Something as simple as a jar lid in the yard can house hundreds of mosquitoes.

People rarely think of mosquitoes breeding in their gutters but they can and do. Clean gutters at least twice a year. Make sure gutters are working properly to keep water from standing in them for long periods of time. Clean out birdbaths and flower pot dishes at least twice a week. This will keep the mosquitoes from being able to set up home. Repair any leaky faucets outdoors – mosquitoes love standing water.

When working or enjoy the outdoors wear long sleeves and pants. Mosquitoes are much more prevalent in the dawn and dusk so avoid these times if possible. Also avoid tracking through high weeds and grass, where plenty of mosquitoes can be found, without insect repellent.

Insect repellents containing DEET help quite a bit when it comes to protecting skin from mosquito bites. Don’t use DEET products on children under the age of 2 months. Products containing more than thirty percent DEET are not appropriate for any child. Avoid placing DEET products on children’s hands.

It’s okay to put DEET products on bare skin areas and even clothes but do not put on skin where clothes will be worn over it. DEET should not be used on areas of the skin where there is a cut or other wound. Avoid rashes, nicks and other abrasions. Keep these products away from eyes and mouth and use only lightly around ears. Use soap and water to completely remove insect repellents. Simply wiping with a wet washcloth will usually not remove all of the repellent.

Bug-zapping inventions are a lot of help since they draw the bugs towards the light then zap them with electrical current. The zappers do help somewhat but these lights can eventually put off a foul odor. Keep the zapper cleaned after every use.

Burning citronella candles and spraying citronella products helps cut down on mosquitoes in the air. The candles have a nice fragrance of lemons but the ingredients cause mosquitoes to flee. Light the candles and let them burn for at least an hour before entertaining or doing other activities in the area.

As more people become aware of the hazards of mosquitoes their role in causing disease and harm will lessen. Do your part to clean up your yard, business or public places where you visit, such as parks. Mosquitoes will probably never disappear forever but you can lessen the risk they play in your life and the lives of your family.

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