ArginMax and Ginko Biloba – Natural Alternatives to Vaigra

If the spark has gone out of your sex life, you might consider taking some sort of pill. Before you ask your doctor for a prescription, consider these natural alternatives. These supplements, ArginMax and ginko biloba, are available over the counter at your health food store. They can put the zing back in your love life, without harmful side effects. Stress, aging and antidepressants can affect your love life, but these all natural non prescription products can help.

The first non prescription supplement to consider is Argin Max, ArginMax is specifically for the man in your life. As men age, blood flow is not as prevalent as it once was. This can cause difficulties with getting and maintaining erection. Some men find this difficult to talk about, but it really is only a matter of less blood flow. That is a condition that occurs naturally in most men as they age. Many men think it may be connected to something they are or are not doing. You can assure him that it is not uncommon and suggest AgrinMax. ArginMax works in a fashion similair to Viagra. However, viagra is available by prescripion only. Just like viagra, Argin Max increases blood flow to the genitals, increases levels of nitric oxide and dialates the viens which carry the blood. Men reported a seventy five percent increase in sexual satisfaction after taking ArginMax. These test results were rerported after a study at a leading university. If the possible side effects of viagra are worrisome, consider ArginMax for your mate.

Women can suffer from decreased blood flow as well. The good news is that there is a non prescription pill just for women. Look for Argin Max for women. Though both forms of Argin Max deliver the same kind of results, the ingredients are different. ArginMax for women provides the body with additional L-arginine and several other herbs, including damiana. Like thier man counterparts, women who took ArginMax for women reported an increased satisfaction with thier sex life. Sex drive was reported to be higher. Women reported increased desire, sarisfaction and performance. Female subjects reported an almost severty five percent increase in desire in a Stanford University study.

Another supplement to consdier is ginko biloba. Many people have heard of ginko biloba and it considered safe and effective. This is an herb that has been used since ancient times and it is readily available. Ginko biloba also works by increasing blood flow. It can be taken by both men and women. It provides relaxartion of the muscles and does make blood flow increase. These are two conditions that lead to the reports of increased arousal and desire. The recommended dosage is from sixty to one hundred twenty mgs., twice a day.

There are numerous reasons for lessened desire. These herbal remedies can help you overcome lack of desire and performance problems, no matter the cause. These products wii work for you even if you are one of the millions experiencing lack of desire due to the use of SSRI’s like prozac, Lexapro or other anti-depressant. Try one of the Agrin Max products or ginko biloba today and you will enjoy great results.

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