Arguing Man’s Mortality and the Humanity of Death

Death! Come to me! I summon you from your shadows!
For my thoughts have lost themselves, and my heart has grown tired of its beating.
Come to me, Death! I call to you!
Stand before me that I may see this terror of man!
Level your gaze to mine and justify this rage my indignation confines for you. I fear you not!
Yes, can you hear me now
O Reaper?
Have I brushed your interest? Why do you refuse me my necessities?
Hear the desperation in my voice?
For Man has yet to. His ears are too loud with his
metal heartbeat and his
mechanical desires.
But you, Death, you have the observation which is as natural and
relentless as Time itself.
Surely you must see the tears of my soul? Or hear the exhaustion in my screams?
Death! Come to me!
Why won’t you answer me!?

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