Arkansas Federal Credit Union Versus Other Banks

It feels like your walking into a world run by computers when you enter the Arkansas Federal Credit Union. The only two actual humans present there are located at the front of the building. Thier only purpose is to direct you to the correct computer screen. You then walk up to a computer screen and hit the call button. At this point a teller pops up on a tv monitor where you interact with him or her.

If you need any service that cannot be performed by a general teller such as a loan or atm card request you must use the phones in the lobby to call the telephone branch. Is this really the kind of banking experience you want? Because I don’t. I am used to walking in and seeing all the tellers in person. I am also used to being able to talk to someone in person when I have want to discuss an important issue or have a problem. And the credit union is good at causing problems.

I have only had the credit union for a month and someone has already illegally accessed my account causing me fees. I was transferred three times before I finally reached member services where the issue was finally cleared up. The credit union has also held $25 in my savings account after originally informing me that the fees would be waived. The credit union never told me that these originally waived fees would be taken out of my first paycheck. Not to mention that every time I call in to check my balance the teller service never recognizes my member number, but when I log in online it does. So what is the moral of this story? If you are thinking of joining the Arkansas Federal Credit Union….DON’T!

Instead consider the friendlier,human alternative of a bank. I have had a great experience with my bank, First security of conway. The main branch is 1001 Front Street in Conway. You can contact them by calling 450-9800. There are several other locations in Conway, AR and locations in Little rock, AR. There is also a new branch being built in Maumelle,AR.

They are very helpful and have never charged me any fees without authorizing them first. They have never caused me to have a check returned and they always keep me up to date on all my account information via their website, letters, or I can call their 24 hour phone line; which always works. First Security also offers free checking to most individuals especially college students.

I am not saying that banks are perfect there can also be a downside. I have had bad experiences with banks too. Most prominent are a few occurences with US Bank. Us Bank’s main Conway branch is on 1122 Van Ronkle St, Conway, AR. The phone number is (501)327-7771. US Bank has one other location in Conway on Prince Street, one location in Maumelle, AR; and several locations in Little Rock, AR.

This bank offers free checking, however; this comes with the downside of miscommunications. This bank has withdrawn fees on an account when their computer crashed and a check I deposited never registered in their system. This caused my account to be overdrawn. They continued to minus my account $7 per day until money was put in my account to cover the deficiency. This happened several times. I still prefer this to the credit union though because I could confront them in person about the problems I was having. The problems were resolved within ten minutes instead of a half hour of being tranferred from person to person on a phone, or driving all the way to a branch only to find that my problem couldn’t be solved in person.

I urge you to give First Security a chance and see what a positive friendly experience this bank can provide for you.

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