Aroma Therapy: An in Depth Look At Why This Natural Method is Widely Used

The essence of a flower, herb or plant is the oils found in its glands, sacs, veins, etc.. All the wonderful fragrances that you smell around foliage is the oils that are being finely sprayed into the air. These oils can impact us in a number of ways. When we inhale the aromas through our nose it triggers the memory section of our brain. Because our brain controls our entire body it holds the key to how these aromas affect us.

There are certain smells that trigger areas of our brain to calm us, make us sleep, makes us happy and even makes us concentrate. Have you ever experienced DÃ?©jÃ?  vu? You are not alone. It is that ‘aroma’ that sends your memory on a little trip to pull forward a situation from your past because of something that had occurred with the same elements as this aroma. They are triggers to your brain that uses your nose and sense of smell to facilitate them.

* Those who are just beginning to use essential oils should start slowly and gradually work themselves into a normal using pattern.

Aroma Therapy: Toxic Oils
Since we are discussing aroma therapy it is important to list some of the hazardous oils that are considered to be toxic. Some of the following just may not have been tested yet and some have been known to cause severe reactions:
� Ajowan
� Arnica
� Bitter Almond
� Boldo Leaf
� Buchu
� Calamus
� Camphor (yellow or brown)
� Caraway
� Cassia
� Cinnamon
� Clove
� Elecampane root
� Horseradish
� Jaborandi
� Mugwart
� Mustard
� Parsley Seed
� Pennyroal
� Peru Balsam
� Rue
� Sage
� Santolina
� Sassafras
� Savin
� Savory
� Southernwood
� Tansy
� Thuja
� Tonka Bean
� Wintergreen
� Wormseed
� Wormwood

As a caution to everyone who uses aroma therapy the above items should not be used unless under the supervision of an experienced healthcare professional.

The following are essential oils that have been proven to be phototoxic. This means that each item can increase sunburn reaction, increase risk of skin cancer, mole and other skin problems.

� Angelica Root
� All absolutes and concretes
� Bergamot (expressed)
� Cumin
� Ginger
� Grapefruit
� Lemon (expressed)
� Lemon verbena
� Lime (expressed)
� Mandarin
� Orange (expressed)

The next list of oils should be avoided at all costs during pregnancy.
� Aniseed
� Armois
� Basil
� Birch
� Cornmint
� Fennel
� Hyssop
� Lavender stoechas
� Lavender Cotton
� Marjoram
� Myrrh
� Oregano
� Pimenta Racemosa
� Plecanthrus
� Star Anise
� Tarragon

The following oils may cause irritation to sensitive skin, inflamed or allergy prone skin.
� Aniseed
� Basil
� Fennel
� Lemongrass
� Peppermint (When used undiluted will cause skin irritation on all skin types)
� Rosemary
� Lemon Verbena
� Bay
� Benzoin
� Citronella
� Rose (in high concentrations)
� Ylang ylang (in high concentrations)
� All absolutes and concretes
� Camphor

Aroma Therapy: Starting Aroma Therapy
There are quite a few essential aroma therapy oils that you should have in your home at all times. They can be purchased at any health food store and various nutrition centers. Do not buy that have been diluted or oils that are “fake”. Fake oils will often times have a feel of oil but are nothing more than imitation scents.

Lavender is the most highly recommended oil as it ca be used often for various reasons. Sandalwood, cedar wood, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon are also a great start to your aroma therapy array.

Aroma Therapy: Oils that Help

1. Depression
� Sandal wood
� bergamot
� Basil
� Jasmine
� Lavender
� lemon
� rose

2. Aggression/Tension
� Basil
� Bergamot
� Chamomile
� Lavender
� Marjoram
� Rose

3. Fatigue
� Cypress
� ginger
� juniper
� rosemary
� peppermint

Aroma Therapy: Antiseptic and Antibacterial
Let me start off here by saying that honey is a wonderful antibacterial element if you have an infection that is topical spread a little bit of honey on it. In ancient society honey was widely use for this purpose. When the Egyptians found that it had such a wonderful medicinal property word spread throughout the lands.

� Peppermint
� Orange
� Pine
� Rosemary
� Sandalwood
� Bergamot
� Eucalyptus
� Juniper
� Tea tree
� Lemon grass
� Lemon

Antifungal oils are becoming quite popular. The following are a very few oils with this effect.

� Lavender
� Geranium
� Fennel

Aroma Therapy: Conclusion
So if you are looking for new outlets in your stressful life to help ease anxiety and allow yourself to live in a healthy and happy in a mind/body way, then aroma therapy is for you. Enjoy your new found knowledge.

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