Ashlee Simpson Tours to Promote Sophomore Album

Multi-platinum lip-syncer.. eerr.. i mean singer Ashlee Simpson sold out the House of the Blues in Hollywood. This outing was for her sophomore album “I am Me” due out October 18th.

Of course this hip trendy club in the heart of the nightlife in West Hollywood was filled up with pre-teens girls with their mom and dads. Dawned with their homemade I love Ashlee Simpson shirts and signs, they waited for the now blonde again singer to jump on stage to perform her hits.

Too bad they had to wait for 30 minutes after the opening act, Barefoot performed. I’m sure you are thinking who are they? Maybe even mistake them for the other “foot” band, Switchfoot. However, this new band is on Papa Joe’s record label under Geffen Records. The Joe in Papa Joe, is indeed Joe Simpson, who is also known as Ashlee, and older sister Jessica Simpson father and manager. Showing that it’s who you know, and not what you know. The lead singer, Chris.. Father was Fraternity brothers with Joe Simpson. I wonder what father was thinking when his son tried to stage dive into the crowd, only to hit the ground, begging for help back on stage.

After the embarrassing display of an amateur rock star and a short intermission. Miss Simpson ran on stage. Wearing an outfit that looks like she raided the now mother, Britney Spears closet. Pretty much the “punk” version of a school girl outfit consisting of a Gray Sweat jacket, white button up with a skinny black tie, black skirt, leg warmers, and boots.

She performed the usual tracks, “Autobiography” “Love me For Me” and “Pieces of Me.”. Her title track from her new album “I Am Me.” singing “What she got that I don’t have”/I won’t change for anyone.” Simpson explains she wrote this song after seeing her ex boyfriend… cough Ryan Cabrera cough.. with another girl. On a totally bizarre note, she explains writing a song about a ghost she saw entitled “Eyes Wide Open.”

In support of Ashlee her parents Tina, Joe and sister Jessica were all in the house singing along. However brother in law Nick Lachey seemed to be M.I.A. Maybe there was a football game on or maybe… the ongoing rumors are true….??

Ashlee proves to be a strong force in the music industry especially after the fall out from the SNL lip-sync debacle. Entertainment Weekly has her on the list of top 20 albums they are waiting for this fall among the likes of Grammy winners Outkast and Alicia Keys. “I Am Me” hits the stores October 18th, of course with the typical television appearances on Good Morning America, Leno, and TRL.

Catch her in Hollywood October 22 at the Virgin Megastore at Hollywood
and Highland Complex signing albums. I can only image what the visitors
will be baring.. Her new album… or tomatoes..

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