At Seven Pines

A windy day, dusty and dry
For the soldiers in gray – brave, optimistic, aspired
A colonel on point driven to do-or-die
An inaugural battle, spirited, inspired.
The magical refrain of “Dixie” taking their stand,
Opposing Federals from raping their land.

The battlefield full of weeds and grass
Not yet beaten and torn from warfare
The pungent odor of fennel and sassafras
Caused many to sing their glory in prayer.
The torments of battle having just begun,
On the outskirts of Richmond, in the Virginia sun.

A costly baptism for Colonel George B. Anderson
His regiment suffering many casualties
But when the dust cleared and carnage was done
Heroic courage prevailed amongst timeworn trees.
Glorious in their first fight – those men in gray
They took it to the enemy that glorious day.

At Seven Pines the Colonel seized the fallen flag
Of 27th Georgia’s banner of battle
Holding it aloft as he zigzagged
He forged ahead amongst the loudest of brattle
And planted the flag on the bulwarks of the foe
Delivering the Federals a phrenic blow.

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