Attorneys and Lawyers Located in Bloomington, Minnesota

Everyone in Bloomington, Minnesota has been there, or will be at sometime in the future, in need of a good attorney or lawyer and not sure where to turn. The following is a list of some of the Attorneys/ Lawyers with Law Offices located in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is organized by specialties so you can find the right legal help quickly and efficiently.

Immigration, Naturalization and International Law Lawyers in Bloomington, Minnesota:

1. Karam & Associates PA are located at 2950 Metro Drive and can be reached by calling 952-854-3313

2. Olupo Law Office is at 7800 Metro Parkway Suite 300 and their phone number is 952-814-9002

Marital and Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, Paternity, etc.) Attorneys in Bloomington, Minnesota

1. A. Rhett Taber is at 5270 West 84th Street Suite 300 and can be reached at 952-831-0733

2. A. Victor Coursolle is located at 4816 West 102nd Street and can be called at 952-853-9504

3. Rebecca M. Picard with Mediated Solutions has her office at 1900 International Drive in Suite 258. She can be reached by dialing 952-876-4010. For more information, you can also log on to

4. Davide F. Schmitz runs his practice from 9301 Bryant Avenue South Suite 102. You can reach him at 952-884-4666

Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation and Property Damage Lawyers in Bloomington, Minnesota

1. McCloud Boedigheimer is located at 5001 West 80th Street Suite 201 and the phone number is 952-820-8382

2. The Rambow Law Firm’s address is 8040 Townline Avenue South and their phone number is 952-888-9595.

3. Terry & Slane is located at 7900 Xerxes Avenue South and be called at 612-333-5544

4. James Michael Gallagher has his law office at 8100 Penn Avenue South. He can be reached by dialing 952-888-7099

5. Malone & Atchison are at 8500 Normandale Lake Boulevard in Suite 2110 and their phone number is 952-853-5200.

Real Estate Law Attorneys (including Title Insurance and Opinions, Cancellation and Foreclosures, Purchases and Sales of Businesses, Purchases and Sales of Homes, Corporations and Partnerships, Etc.) in Bloomington, Minnesota

1. Larry E. Coulter’s Law Office is at 9100 West Bloomington Freeway Suite 140 and he can be reached at 952-888-9579

2. Paul M Tatone PA is at 10800 Lyndale Avenue South in Suite 191 and his phone number is 952-703-0463

3. Joseph D. Zwak has his office at 4801 West 81st Street and his phone number is 952-830-8128

General Practice Lawyers (including Criminal Law, Etc.) in Bloomington, Minnesota

1. Brenner Law Firm is located at 2001 Kilebrew Drive in Suite 170 and can be reached at 952-854-7600

2. Ralph A. Gale Jr has his office at 9301 Bryant Avenue South in Suite 103A. His phone number is 952-888-4474

This is just a few of the Law Offices located in the city. When it comes to legal matters, always consult a Lawyer before signing or agreeing to anything. Find one that you trust and are comfortable with. The relationship between an Attorney and his or her client is one of the most personal there is. Choose Wisely. If you consult someone that does not offer what you need, both in legal matters or in personalities ask for a referral to someone else. These professionals know how important it is to find the right person and anyone of them will recommend someone else if they feel that they are not qualified to handle it themselves.

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