Audioslave – Out of Exile: They’re Back!

The former Rage Against the Machine Team with their new singer Chris Cornell come back with another smashing album rightfully named “Out of Exile.” Rumors were flying after their first CD if they were still together. This CD shows that they have grown stronger as a band and excelled even further at the songwriting skills.

The first song “Your Time Has Come” is an amazing track. Tom Morello sets forth a catchy simple rhythm that he has become known for. However, finally Tom showcases some of his true talent, unleashing a solo later on in the track.

Cornell’s vocals have grown and now blend with the music perfectly; the exceptional quality of his voice completely sets their sound apart from other bands. His unique voice and thoughtful lyrics have made this album a remarkable work of art.

Another notable song on this album is “Doesn’t Remind Me.” This song starts out with a somber steady beat, with some melancholic lyrics. However the song bursts into an upbeat chorus that is sure to pull you into the song. Still, the best part of the song is yet to come. Nearing the end of the track Morello rips a nice solo, showing where his real roots are.

The last track on “Out of Exile” is a throwback to Audioslave’s self-titled album. There is a live acoustic version of “Like a Stone.” One of their best from their first album as a group, this acts as a nice song to end their album with. With heart-felt lyrics this song is one that will be an Audioslave classic.

So if you miss Rage Against the Machine, and need a little Morello fix, you definitely need to pick up Audioslave’s new album. They may be missing their political enthusiasm, and Zach de la Rocha, however they are still a great band who has grown and prospered.

Even if you weren’t a Rage fan, or haven’t listened to Audioslave yet; this album is a great one to start with. Make sure to pick this one up next time you want to check out some good music.

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