Aussie Moist Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair

Some people require intense conditioning, especially if their hair is dry or damaged. Without quality conditioners, hair will continue to break and become even more damaged than before. That’s why it’s important to carefully choose your conditioner. Not all conditioners are alike, and not every conditioner for dry or damaged hair does what it claims.

Product Description

The Aussie line of hair care products is contained in recognizable packaging. Aussie Moist Conditioner comes in a white bottle with a bright purple pump. The brand name “Aussie” is outlined by a maroon banner and boasts the silhouette of a kangaroo. Most grocery stores and mass merchandisers sell Aussie products.

Product Claims

Aussie Moist Conditioner for dry, damaged hair claims to give dry hair a long quenching drink that will make it silky and irresistible. It’s made with Australian guava fruit, and it claims to provide dry, damaged hair with a moisture infusion. Aussie Moist Conditioner is also pH balanced, it is said to be gentle on permed and color-treated hair, and the label claims it can be used on a daily basis.

Directions for Use

Directions for use aren’t any different from any other conditioner for dry or damaged hair. The directions are really very simple. The label says to work the product into clean, damp hair, and to rinse it out with warm water. These are standard instructions for conditioning with this type of conditioner.

Personal Experience With This Product

I have very thick, wavy, highlighted hair, and my hair becomes tangled very easily. I consider it dry, and the blonde highlights have definitely damaged my hair. I can’t get a brush through my hair without causing further breakage and damage. I only use a wide tooth comb, and I have to comb it after it is well-conditioned and wet. After it’s dry, I don’t dare comb my hair because it would become frizzy and totally out of control.

I use Aussie Moist Conditioner for dry, damaged hair on a daily basis. After discovering this product I wouldn’t use anything else. It does a fantastic job of conditioning, and I can easily comb through my hair after washing and conditioning.

Besides doing a great job of conditioning, this conditioner also smells great. It has a sweet, fruity scent that I like very much. The scent lightly lingers in my hair after conditioning, and it isn’t at all strong or overpowering.

In an effort to control my dry, frizzy hair, I’ve even applied this conditioner after washing, and not rinsed it out. It makes my hair exceptionally soft, very manageable, and my curls look fantastic. Although Aussie Moist Conditioner isn’t meant to be used as a leave-in conditioner, it also does a great job with my hair when applied in this manner.

I highly recommend Aussie Moist Conditioner for dry, damaged hair for anyone with dry, brittle, hard-to-manage hair. Give this product a try, and although it’s a little more expensive than the average conditioner, in my opinion, it’s well worth the price.

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