Author Profile: Laura Hickey

Growing up as an only child, one of Laura’s main passions was writing for her friends.

Now her background includes screenplays, short stories and articles published both on and off the web.

Laura’s writing career was launched during her senior year of high school. She was featured for her trip for a Children’s Literature conference. Included in the newspaper article was information on what Laura was working on. Laura was also on the journalism staff for her high school paper. Towards the end of senior year, she earned a college certificate for the Culinary Arts 101 and received the “President’s Award for Educational Achievement.”

After high school, she continued working on her children’s book and writing screenplays. She applied for a position as a co-writer for a TV sitcom pilot + episodes and was accepted. The project was called “Officially Lush.” While writing scripts with other co-writers, Laura prepared for the publication of her children’s book Mysterious Chills and Thrills.

A children’s anthology of short stories complete with story introduction teasers and author commentary. Often M.C.A.T is refer to as a “Twilight for kids.” Today Laura works on her children’s series and does freelance writing.

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